Sundance Gallery Wedding|Greenwood, SC|Bekah+Matt

In early September I had the privilege of second shooting for a New York photographer by the name of John Baker. His business is Apricity Photography. Normally his wife second shoots for him, {and the poor guy had to field questions all day of whether I was her} but an old camp friend asked him to travel down to Greenwood for her wedding, and his family was unable to make the trip.

The camp friend’s name was Rebekah Stumbo. Now it is Rebekah Hurley, thanks to a lovely gentleman named Matthew. Those two met through mutual friends who were dating each other at the time and convinced Matt and Bekah to double date with them. They hit it off and ended up seeing each other throughout that weekend then started dating! They married on September 5th in a little chapel wing of Greenwood First Baptist and receptioned at the beautiful Sundance Gallery {which is owned by the photographer Jon Holloway–how very business-smart of him to do both!}.

EPP_5306 EPP_5307

John was rather taken aback by the above bug. Apparently in New York, bugs freeze to death before they can grow to such a size. Just a fun fact. John graciously allowed me to cover Matt and the groomsmen getting ready and to take some portraits of them. I enjoyed getting to know Matt, Chris, Brian, and Andrew a bit. Since I didn’t know the groomsmen names ahead of time I spend a good couple of minutes repeating, “Andrew, Brian, Chris, Andrew, Brian, Chris” and struggled a bit when they switched up the order, but we got along just fine. {Adding the ring bearer to the mix put me over the edge to where I was calling John “Ben” and had the wedding coordinator doing the same; oops} Men’s attire: Jessica’s Formal Wear

EPP_5246 EPP_5301 EPP_5530 EPP_5535EPP_5341EPP_5360

Jokes were made about taking the groomsmen pictures on the swings on the church playground…but then they all realized they actually just wanted to swing…so they did!


Eventually I got in trouble for keeping them too long and it was time for the first look! I wanted to share this moment from it side by side with a moment between Bekah and her sister Susannah. Susannah is one of Bekah’s many siblings and her matron of honor. She gave a beautiful toast about how close they were and sort of compared the friendship between sisters to the friendship between husband and wife. So, though they aren’t normally pictures I would showcase, here’s Bekah wiping lipstick from Matt’s lip and Susannah wiping lipstick from Bekah’s teeth. {Susannah also announced that she is expecting her first baby! Congrats Susannah!}

EPP_5381 EPP_5549

Did I mention this was a beautiful wedding? Check out the florals made by a very talented former-florist-family-friend. ffff.

EPP_5406 EPP_5412 EPP_5429 EPP_5440 EPP_5441 EPP_5443

And notice the adorable flower girls {necklaces}!

EPP_5568 EPP_5571

Bekah wore some awesome wedges and her mom’s bracelet.

EPP_5485 EPP_5493

Plus a stunning wedding gown from Voila! Bridal and Formal. It was blush, just like she wanted.


John allowed me to hang out with Bekah and her bridesmaids while we waited for the ceremony to begin. The time went slowly because of the anticipation, but it was full of laughter, joyful conversation, and flower girls pretending to be the bride. Also below is a picture of Bekah’s hair. She is a hair stylist herself and wore a top notch updo for her wedding day.

EPP_5514 EPP_5554

The ceremony itself was also beautiful. The chapel had stained glass windows, and a few of Bekah’s brothers played and sang a song for her and Matt.

EPP_5453 EPP_5618EPP_5671 EPP_5675

My dilemma after any ceremony ends is always whether to stay and photograph the recessional or to follow the bride and groom. Since I was just a second shooter here, I let John take responsibility for the recessional and followed Matt and Bekah into a side room of the church. I’m so glad I did! It was so sweet to see them enjoying their first moments of marriage together and admiring their new rings, and then to see them celebrate with their friends and family as they joined them.

EPP_5684 EPP_5686 EPP_5702

After John took some photos of Bekah’s huge family and Matt’s average sized one, we all drove to the Sundance Gallery for the reception. The ring bearer and flower girls were so excited when Bekah arrived! The venue was so pretty; even the back of it was magical.

EPP_5739 EPP_5740

Every detail was completely on point, and enhanced the joy of the day perfectly, from the candy buffet {“a sweet ending to a new beginning”} with personalized M&Ms to the beautiful wedding cake.

EPP_5743EPP_5774EPP_5751 EPP_5791 EPP_5782 EPP_5849

Yummy sandwiches and other hors d’oeuvres were served. These chocolate covered strawberries were a rare sight as the plate was usually empty as soon as it was refilled.

EPP_5839 EPP_5956

After John took some portraits of them, Bekah and Matt made their entrance as Mr. and Mrs. and the crowd went wild. Love how Matt is casually touching his ring!

EPP_5857 EPP_5861

They danced and then all of the children did too!

EPP_5876 EPP_5908

It was time for me to hand my photos over to John, eat as much food as I could fit on a napkin, and make the drive back to Greenville, but I would see Bekah again! I mentioned earlier that she was a hair stylist {how fitting that this chair was in the gallery!} When she and Matt returned from their honeymoon in Jamaica, I went to her for my {annual} hair cut. She did a great job and it was fun getting to know her better! You can go to her too, at Modern Styles Salon of Greenville. 


Thank you, John, for choosing me to be your second shooter at Bekah and Matt’s wedding! It was great working with you.

Bekah and Matt, I know your wedding photos from Apricity Photography are everything you hoped for and more! I hope that you enjoy this post and my perspective of your beautiful wedding! {And thanks Bekah for letting me message you for lipstick advice}