Orchard Engagement Session|Travelers Rest, SC|Matt+Emily

Anyone who has seen me around ducks or Jello knows that I am very easily amused. Some things are just so funny to me. Including fruit trees. It’s fruit on a tree–isn’t that amazing and hilarious at the same time? Trees with little colorful edible things all over them. I like to say that fruit is nature’s candy, so a fruit orchard is basically like Candyland to me. Candyland, a.k.a. Perdeaux Fruit Farm, was rainy when we arrived, but the wonderful owners allowed us to stay and wait it out. The skies cleared quickly and we saw beautiful, dewy apples, pears, peaches, grapes, figs, and mysterious blue fruits growing on trees and vines!

The fruits on the lower left here are called Yali Pears. They are delicious and we bought several for ourselves. {It turns out that ‘Yali’ means ‘duck pear’ in Mandarin, so this one fruit encompasses my love for both pears and ducks}

EPP_6063 EPP_6072  EPP_6078 EPP_6073

Matt and Emily met in middle school. Matt moved around a lot, so Emily has been an important constant in his life, and it is so obvious that they are best friends. Matt and I had the same major at North Greenville University, but I first met Matt and Emily as a couple in Dr. Holcombe’s Operations Management class. They sat next to each other and it was the cutest thing, and I sat behind Emily. We were known as Emily and Emily during the roll call, and Dr. Holcombe chuckled every time. It just never got old. During the 1st or 2nd week of the semester I mustered up the courage to ask Emily if she was engaged, because she had a ring on her left ring finger that I had been eyeing for a few days. She told me it was a promise ring and I told her that was sweet and explained that I was a wedding photographer and was just wondering if she needed a business card. Fast forward to almost the end of the semester. Operations Management was the longest 50 minutes of the day, so it surprised me a little when I walked in to see Matt and Emily absolutely glowing with excitement. Emily had the biggest smile on her face when I sat down behind her, and she reminded me of the incident that I recounted above. She was engaged!! I promptly gave her my card while Matt told the whole story of how he surprised her during a weekend in Charleston. I am so excited to be working with them {after a gruelingly suspenseful selection process, I might add} and to show you their lovely engagement session here!

I kicked off my shoes at the car and we began a brave hike up a slippery, muddy hill. I promptly slid down into Emily’s arms, so we turned back and scaled a steeper but grassier hill in a vineyard area with lots of grapes.

EPP_6084 EPP_6085EPP_6097 EPP_6115EPP_6100 EPP_6103

After passing a tree that was just bursting with apples and love, we made our way to the peach orchard. The colors absolutely shone in the foggy air.


Have you ever seen a sweeter couple!? How perfect that they are surrounded by fruit, which is also sweet.


And can you believe this ring? So gorgeous.


I would say that the fruit made this location fun and the rain made it romantic. This was perhaps our most stunning/breathtaking view, with the dreamy clouds in the background and the apple orchards acting as leading lines to Matt and Emily. At this point I asked Emily what part of the view appealed to her most, and she pointed to the yellow-leaved trees in the top right corner of the image below…

EPP_6143 EPP_6145

…so that’s where we ventured next, after a quick detour.

EPP_6148 EPP_6152

Emily’s instincts about the yellow were so on point. The leaves and her smile added some bright sunshine to the cloudy day.

EPP_6167 EPP_6164

We continued to stroll through the apple trees as the sun set. Did I mention that these two are the sweetest?

EPP_6174 EPP_6189 EPP_6208 EPP_6213 EPP_6215-2

BTW here are those blue fruits…they were the size of very large grapes but they grew on a tree? Perdeaux is seriously magical.


We had to leave eventually because we wanted to go to Poinsett Bridge as well and were losing light quickly {plus that place gets some sketchy people and possibly ghosts in the dark so we wanted to get there before them}. The views on the drive there were gorgeous, and we saw the rainbow that Emily had hoped for when it was raining!

EPP_6222 EPP_6220

When we arrived, we saw some people preparing to make a horror film. What did I tell you? The bridge is also very beautiful and romantic, though–Matt took Emily on a date here during their freshman year of college.

EPP_6231 EPP_6245 EPP_6247 EPP_6251

Here’s the top of the bridge and a cute prop Matt and Emily brought along. Like some of my other clients, Matt and Emily will have the last name of Poole when they are married next August. Please refer any other Pooles that you know to me; I am collecting them.

EPP_6265 EPP_6264

Matt and Emily, your relationship is beautiful and I am so happy to be the one to capture it. I love your spirit, your questions, and your love for the Lord; and I am glad we are friends. Thank you for trusting in my professionalism even after watching me pay zero attention in Operations Management. You know I’m on time and focused for the truly important things.

I can’t wait for your Holly Tree bridal session, your church wedding, and your Holly Tree Country Club reception next year!

P.S. I saw Matt and Audrey use your wedding hashtag on Facebook and I love it!


P.P.S. Many thanks to the good folks at Perdeaux Fruit Farm for your generous hospitality! You have an enchanting farm and delicious fruit. We so appreciate your sharing it with us.