Newborn Photography Session|Greenville, SC|Sophia Darlene Eikenberry

Affectionately known by Tucker and me as the Eikenbaby, Sophia Darlene is the first child of two wonderful teachers. Zach is the founding CEO of NEXT High School and it’s clear that Sophia has a very bright future ahead of her! She also has a bedroom as big as my living room and dining room combined. It was a great place for a newborn session, and Sophia had a crew of me, Tucker, mom, aunt, grandma, and Fancy the dog in there keeping her happy.

This outfit was Jenny’s when she was a baby!


One-week-old baby details–those cute hairy legs run in Zach’s family {though we might have to take this blog down during Sophia’s teen years}

EPP_6333-2 EPP_6334EPP_6349 EPP_6344

And look at that smile! So precious.


Sophia’s aunt Jess mentioned that she was sassy and I think this pouty-lip shot captures that attitude perfectly!


Zach and Jenny almost lost Fancy to kidney problems the same weekend Sophia was born. A week later these sisters are happy and healthy together! Fancy is so concerned when Sophia cries and just wants to lick her to make it all better.

EPP_6351 EPP_6389

Grandma and Grandpa are Red Sox fans, so Sophia is now, too.


Besides the Red Sox, her other interests are having her hands close to her face…


…And reading Harry Potter! She is definitely being raised right.

EPP_6383 EPP_6390

She would clearly much rather read the Half Blood Prince {Jenny’s favorite} than sleep for photos.


Here she is practicing her spells. Silly Sophia, you won’t get a wand til you’re 11. Til then, you have pipe cleaner glasses, a cute onesie from your aunt Jess, and wonderful smart parents to help your imagination run wild!

EPP_6402 EPP_6406

Jenny, thanks for trusting me to capture Sophia’s precious first moments! Your ideas were so perfect and I enjoyed being one of the first to meet her. Sophia, you are so loved!