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North Greenville University gave me a friend. Her name is Rachel and she and her husband Josh are starting a business called Dynamic Dew Designs. Isn’t that so clever? {their surname is Dew}. They will be doing graphic design, website design, etc. as a team! You can see an example of their work in the top left corner of this page. One website that they are designing is that of the brand new Greer Farmers’ Market, so they asked me to take some photos at its debut that they could feature on the site. I enjoyed it so much! It was so successful even on the first night and the vendors were so adorable and unique that I just had to make a blog post to show them off! Of course you should meet them for yourself and purchase their goods on the corner of Main and Poinsett in Greer on Thursdays from 4pm-7pm.

The first table I noticed was Padula’s Plants. Plants fascinate me because I can’t keep them alive, and these ones were beautiful.


Josh specifically asked me for photos of produce, so I found the vegetable tables next. Mushrooms, peppers, and a variety of eggplants were only a few of the gorgeous fresh produce options they offered!


This gentleman sold corn, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, and more. Isn’t his set up just the cutest? It’s called Ronnie Rollins’ Red Truck.


Another vendor was selling okra. Isn’t this the most stunning vegetable you have ever seen? I have no idea why it is so colorful, but I love it.


I mentioned before how successful the market was on its first night: less than an hour in, these are all the tomatoes that were left at one table! I know they will be prepared for the crowd next week with oodles of fruitles. I made up that word to rhyme.


In addition to the fresh produce, the vendors brought some excellent specialty products. I recognized the Split Creek Farm cheese from the Greenville Saturday Market, but I loved being able to chat with the ladies and try more delicious cheeses without being pushed away by floods of people.

epp-6029 epp-6031

Soap! I would not likely buy it for myself but what a great gift it would be, and look at all these flavors! Scents? I guess you shouldn’t eat the soap but it sure sounds good enough. In fact, the Elementals Soap mantra is “never put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body.” Maybe you should eat it. At few stores can you buy both groceries and quality organic gifts. Thus the convenience of the farmers’ market.

epp-6035 epp-6036

Plus, where else can you get these things all at once? Below: Good to Go juices. Rachel bought some sort of fermented salty beet juice {beet kvass} and I tasted it. It was like drinking pure health; I felt so good even after just one sip. Horsecreek Honey Farms. I heard them telling a lady that the honey was cold pressed and raw and that they had several different flavors: pictured here is garlic peppercorn {see the peppercorns floating in the top!} and the lady bought vanilla bean. Carolina Vine and Branch brought their infused olive oils which Rachel raved about as well.

epp-6040 epp-6009 epp-6007epp-6039

A caracaturist! Specifically, Caricatures by Catherine. I haven’t been caricatured since prom but I was too embarrassed to ask Rachel to do it with me since there were only kids in line. But this just made it feel like a party! Everything is more fun with caricatures, and I love that she is wearing a beret sort of hat. Is this Greer or Paris? It’s hard to tell at the Greer Farmers’ Market. 

epp-6044 epp-6045

I recognized Harvest Moon Baby Food from the Greenville market as well. And again, the smaller atmosphere allowed me to learn more about it! So many kids were eating it including this adorable redhead–apparently it’s not just for babies!


Here’s another product Rachel recommended to me: Great Harvest Bread Co. bread. I couldn’t believe how many flavors they had!


My personal favorite vendor was Southern Hills Lavender. Things that you can both eat and smell are so interesting to me, and I learned so much from the owners! Tim and Mary had regular jobs that were wearing down on them and wanted to find something to do outside of the corporate world. They visited a lavender farm and fell in love. They have a great blog where you can read their story! Look how pretty their products are.

epp-6055 epp-6056

The Greer Farmers’ Market was just a fun time all around! Laughing together below are some of the leading ladies–Cristy, the owner, is on the left and Rachel is on the right.


Visit all of these wonderful vendors in Greer on Thursdays!

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