Huguenot Loft Wedding|Greenville, SC|Felix+Kaylor

Not many couples can say they met by living together, but Kaylor and Felix can! It’s true–they were housemates their senior year in college. Kaylor wasn’t looking for a relationship, but her family knew Felix could be the one on moving day. Now they’ve been together for over 7 years, and their relationship has been strengthened by lots of long distance so that now they can simply trust each other and enjoy spending time together. Seeing these two together is knowing that they were meant to be!

Their wedding day at the Huguenot Loft went perfectly. Felix is from Germany, so they went with a color scheme of black, red, and yellow and pulled it off SO well! Each of the bridesmaids wore a different black dress, and Kaylor’s BEAUTIFUL gown is from Francesca’s Bridal in Baltimore.

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Kaylor and her bridesmaids got ready downstairs and had an amazing table of fruit, bagels, fancy cheese, mimosa supplies, and a lovely flower arrangement from a friend. Hannah and Lauren of the always talented Cotton Rouge & Company did hair and makeup–I loved Kaylor’s updo with the curls and braids.

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Kaylor was the most beautiful bride! The sunflower+rose bouquets are by Corner Florist, Inc. of Baltimore and coordinate with that subtle German theme, as do the bridesmaids’ amazing red pumps! Kaylor has known some of these girls since elementary school, and it was so sweet to see her just having fun with her friends on her wedding day. Don’t miss the back of her dress and her gorgeous smile!

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Felix and his groomsmen arrived after we hid Kaylor away again. Felix is one of those guys that hates pictures but ends up being really good at them. All of the guys were so goofy and fun and had so many great ideas, from their individuals with Felix to a jumping one to a sassy one to the one that had them holding him and yelling, “support his head!”

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The ceremony space was decorated with sunflowers, logs, and candles, and Father Gary performed the wedding. He talked about the premarital counseling he did with Kaylor and Felix and mentioned that they hoped to emulate their parents’ marriages. What a blessing that they have great examples to follow! He blessed them and their marriage and they celebrated being Mr. and Mrs., ready to spend the rest of their futures together!

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This wedding party really felt like one big group of friends! It was so much fun watching them laugh and be crazy together and hold each other, which seemed to be the popular pose of the day!

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Did I mention it was Fall for Greenville weekend? Perhaps the craziest day for a downtown wedding! Kaylor wanted some photos by the river, so we scoped out a quieter spot away from the crowds for their couple’s portraits. Aren’t these two adorable?! Kaylor wore her mom’s veil, and it was so beautiful.

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Stief planned a waltz for their first dance {!!} and were a little nervous, so they took a few minutes to practice before the reception. And I snuck a peek as I walked by. I’m so glad they had these sweet moments together as newlyweds while I headed up to the cocktail hour!


It was super cool to see a mix of German and English in the guest book! Kaylor’s mom did most of the decorations {though they had a huge team of people helping out all morning} and they were perfect! Chalkboard escort signs, flowers in glass bottles, and little flower pot+seed favors, all in German colors!

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The newlyweds and the wedding party made their entrance, and Kaylor’s brother took on the role of DJ for her and Felix’s waltz. This first dance could not have been more beautiful! They were so happy and graceful, and Kaylor’s dad cried. The father-daughter dance to Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” was really lovely as well. Both were the perfect start to the reception, catered by Good Life Catering {so tasty! the menu included steak, salmon, linguini, potatoes, and veggies}

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Toast were made by Felix’s best man and Kaylor’s dad as well as her sister, who did an excellent impromptu job of making jokes about what was *going on* in the window behind her. Eyes on Mackenzie, everyone! The cake cutting was next and all eyes were on the newlyweds as they used Kaylor’s parents’ cake server to cut the first slice of their nearly naked cake by Couture Cakes of Greenville. They’re just so cute.

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As the night went on, the dancing continued with friends, family, and glow sticks. It was great to see our SSI friends all having fun together {thanks, Kaci, for sending Kaylor my way!}. The reception was quite a party and I’m sure the after party at Gringo’s was unforgettable! The Huguenot Loft portion of the evening wrapped up with Fun’s “We Are Young” and a SUPER cool bubble exit! Check out the way they sparkle {those smiles + the bubbles}.

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Kaylor and Felix, I can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a part of your wedding! You have such a bright future together and you started it off with an incredibly beautiful day. I loved every detail and was so impressed with the theme, the love, and the fun. Thanks a billion for choosing me and trusting me; you and your family were so kind, and I’m so happy I could spend this amazing day with all of you.

Thanks also to Ruth Valentine, who did a great job coordinating everything and treated me so well!