Pumpkin Patch Maternity Session|Moore, SC|The Jones Family

I was Corey and Aisha’s wedding photographer, and when Aisha told me they loved their photos we both knew that it was a start of a great relationship. I never want the wedding day to be the last time I see a couple. I was just part of one of the best and most important days of their life! It fits that I should stick with them throughout all of their landmarks in the future, like part of the family. So I was overjoyed when Aisha told me that she was expecting and needed maternity photos!

This family is just the sweetest and I had the greatest day with them in the pumpkin patch at Nivens Apple Farm! They had huge pumpkins, regular sized pumpkins, orange pumpkins, green pumpkins, and white pumpkins, all growing right out of the ground. It was a pumpkin wonderland.

EPP_8805 EPP_8816 EPP_8821

The night before their session, I carved pumpkins with friends. I took all of their pumpkin guts {and none for Gretchen Weiners bye} home to roast the seeds with butter. I really hate touching pumpkin guts–in kindergarten I had to leave the room when they carved pumpkins. But 17 years later I’m a little braver, and guess what I found in there? It was a little pumpkin sprout! Like a pumpkin inside a pumpkin. And I thought of Aisha with her little pumpkin inside her little pumpkin-shaped tummy, and I saved the sprout and brought it to her session. It was pretty clever if I do say so myself.

EPP_8827 EPP_8837 EPP_8844

The Joneses are having a baby boy! His name will be Kameron…


and his big sister Kassidy is pretty excited! And those fall outfits? So good.

EPP_8845 EPP_8850 EPP_8871 EPP_8873 EPP_8881

I think it’s safe to say Kameron will be a good looking baby! Corey and Aisha are as stunning as ever! They are going to be excellent parents of two!

EPP_8891-1 EPP_8903-4 EPP_8915 EPP_8934-2

Thank you Corey, Aisha, and Kassidy for being so wonderful! I love working with you and can’t wait to do it again and again! So excited to meet your little pumpkin!

And thank you to the good people at Nivens Apple Farm for letting us use the property for our session!