Eden Farms Wedding|Easley, SC|Shelby+Matthew

Matthew and Shelby have been together for four years and were not the least bit nervous on their wedding day. They truly are meant to be together and they know it!

Before every wedding I send my brides a questionnaire to nail down some details about the wedding day, and I throw in some fun questions too just to inspire me and to help me get a feel for how excited everyone is. I asked Shelby her favorite part of her and Matthew’s story, and her answer was too beautiful not to share: “I think my favorite part is that so much has changed just for the better after Matt got saved two years ago. After that our relationship with Christ has grown as well as our relationship with each other. And it’s only the beginning to something greater to come!”

Isn’t that wonderful? I am so excited for their marriage! The Lord has given them the biggest hearts and it showed throughout their wedding day.

Shelby and her girls got ready at the Wilsons’ house. Chris Wilson works with Shelby at The Dream Center, where they help people in need all the time, and she and her family took her in two years ago, so Shelby is like another daughter to them! Their house is stunning, and so are all these dresses! Shelby bought hers online!! Technology, y’all. Shelby’s twin sister, Holly, helped her put her dress and shoes on, and their dad’s reaction to his first look at Shelby was priceless! Hair and makeup by Kourtnei Chastain and Tonya Evatt.

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It was a rainy day, and some plans for the photos and the ceremony changed, but if Shelby cared you could not tell one bit. She didn’t let it faze her, and everything turned out perfectly! We took cover near the stables at Eden Farms, and it was an excellent photo setting, but it was really Shelby who made it beautiful! We dodged some feisty horses, but it only added to the experience.


Shelby and her bridesmaids, who were her twin sister, her Wilson sister, and two lifelong friends, looked gorgeous in their cowgirl boots and mismatched dresses. 


Matt and his groomsmen all looked very dapper in their jeans and vests, as well!


Shelby made this awesome box for their rings! So creative! And her decorations of burlap, twinkly lights, and twine for the ceremony matched her style perfectly.

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So many loved ones came to the ceremony and were given streamers to wave to celebrate! TriCounty Rentals provided all those chairs, as well as the tables.

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Matthew is so clearly in love with this girl, and vice versa. The ceremony was full of laughter, and the minister, Reggie, read their answers to questions he had asked them in premarital counseling. They were all so sweet, and everyone had so much fun! After the kiss, they used a selfie stick and took a selfie with all of their guests–what a special first-married-selfie!

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I just had to share this shot of Shelby with her siblings. They just look like such a fun family to be a part of, and I know it was great for them to be reunited on Shelby’s wedding day as they don’t all live nearby.


We headed back out to the covered stable area for some more photos. Shelby and Matthew are just beautiful together! The folks at Eden Farms even let them interact with a horse, and it was such a great experience.

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We even made this fun cinemagraph!


The wedding guests surprised the newlyweds with a high-five tunnel to welcome them to their reception. They danced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs., and my second shooter-husband got the pretty twirl shot below. DJ: Justin Kay.

EPP_8129 EPP_8230DSC_0489

THEN Shelby surprised her new husband with a song! I swear she sounded like an angel! He was overjoyed, I cried a little bit, and it was just so sweet. The song was “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. They had several chalkboards with quotes on them on the reception tables, and this one went perfectly with how these two feel.

EPP_8266 EPP_8263-2 EPP_8319

The mother-son dance was really cute, too! They literally just laughed the whole time–it’s clear where Matt gets his smile and sense of humor.

EPP_8306 EPP_8293

The food was made by Chris Spoden–huge piles of mac&cheese for everyone!

EPP_8164 DSC_0419

Shelby’s siblings braved the rain to decorate Matt’s truck…


…and before we knew it it was time for cake, made by Lila Smith.

EPP_7783DSC_0558-2 EPP_8318

Lovely toasts were given by Chris Wilson, Shelby’s BFF Sarah, and her brother Nathan. Nate does stand up comedy as a hobby, so his toast was hilarious! He had everyone in tears, especially me.

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Shelby and Matt danced the evening away with their friends and family, then enjoyed a fun exit with the same streamers you saw at the ceremony. They gave their guests adorable s’more’s favors and left this beautiful barn to head to Columbia, ready to cruise out of Charleston the next day. I thought one of the best parts of the day was hearing them decide to send all of their extra water bottles from the wedding to Columbia to help the flood victims! Told you they have the biggest hearts!

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Shelby and Matt, I am so happy for you two! Thank you so much for being the best clients ever, for making me laugh constantly, and for being so kind to me and everyone around you. It was such an honor to be a part of your day, and I hope to continue to be a part of your life in the future! Your love for each other is inspiring, and I know you’ll never give up on each other {see what I did there!}

Thank you also to Eden Farms for being so accommodating! You went above and beyond to let us take photos with that horse, and your property is gorgeous!