Clemson University Engagement Session|Clemson, SC|Megan+Wes

I so enjoyed getting to know Megan and Wes! They met when Megan was on summer vacation and working at Discovery Island water park. Isn’t that romantic already?! Here’s their story:

It was a busy busy day and Megan’s job was to keep the lazy river moving, so she was telling people to get in quickly and move along. Wes thought it would be funny to get in his inner tube in slo-mo, so Megan pushed him in. And that is how they met. Each time he finished a lap, he would ask her a question, like whether she was single, and how old she was. He even started fake-dating another lifeguard at the water park so he could be around Megan more. Megan says that they started dating and it’s been bliss ever since.

She graduated from Clemson, and he’s navigating the engineering program there now, so the campus was the perfect spot for their engagement session! We started out at Tillman Hall, which is both beautiful and the place where Megan had several education classes.

EPP_8676 EPP_8671

Their Tiger Rag was an excellent prop, and Megan’s outfit was delightfully Clemson-y too!


We took a short drive to the South Carolina Botanical Garden, and Megan and Wes enjoyed some time together on the swings.

EPP_8691 EPP_8701

Wes knew just how to make Megan laugh–I asked him to kiss her hair but instead he sniffed it. It was precious.

EPP_8709 EPP_8710

We strolled through their favorite parts of the botanical gardens and enjoyed the romance of the pretty pathways and trees.

EPP_8740 EPP_8758 EPP_8756-2

Isn’t Megan’s engagement ring perfect? The two most important rings in her life so far right here. In June she’ll get a third one!


Before we parted, we stopped by some classic Clemson landmarks including the stadium. Just over a week before, Megan and Wes were sitting in the stands in the middle of Hurricane Joaquin! Their dedication to their Tigers is only a fraction of their dedication to each other, and I know they will be a perfect team!

EPP_8785 EPP_8789

Megan and Wes, thanks for allowing me to capture your engagement! I loved learning about your Clemson,  your lives, and your story. {It is so special–I hope you tell it often and never forget it!} I wish you two the best and hope to work with you again!