Savannah Rapids Bridal Session|Augusta, GA|Sara

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know Sara. I may have been there when she was born {but probably not because, fun fact, she was born in Germany}. It’s been a long time either way, and now she’s MARRIED! Just before Thanksgiving, I drove down to my own wedding venue, the Savannah Rapids Pavilion, for Sara’s bridal session. Her mom and sister Stephanie were there too, and it was fantastic spending the afternoon with them all in this beautiful place. Plus, Sara looked so DROP DEAD GORGEOUS that I could hardly handle it. This little girl that I have spent most of my life acting crazy with is now a pretty lady wearing a wedding dress and lipstick and I almost cried a lot while I was editing these.

Sara was a fabulous sport and so brave to climb to scenic spots in her Elegant Bridals gown, and her hair by Janna Cook and Makeup by Becca Fazekas remained flawless the entire time. Stephanie provided the adorable scrunchy nose laughter by standing behind me, dancing around, and talking about cranes and “ocean swans.”

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