Falls Park Surprise Proposal|Greenville, SC|Scott+Rebekah

Friday I got an email, and Sunday he got down on one knee. Scott was planning to propose to Rebekah, and her friend Katie let me know that they needed a photographer and that she would give Scott my number. Scott told me it would be in Falls Park on the bridge, at 4:45 because it was the day Daylight Savings Time ended and the sun would set at 5:30. He sent me a picture of the shirt he was going to wear so I could recognize him, and I sent him a stick figure diagram of where I would be standing. I waited anxiously on the bridge while Scott looked for me from below as he and Rebekah strolled through the park. I took a few iPhone pictures for tourists before I saw them coming towards me and then acted casual, pretending to focus on the falls. That’s right, I can be cool. I didn’t know for sure if the proposal was a surprise, but Rebekah definitely seemed surprised! And she said yes!! They¬†both cried, I was shaking, the people on the bridge gasped, and there were big smiles all around! Maybe the cutest part was when Scott asked her to put the ring box in her purse; he had been carrying it in his pocket the whole time. Even after the most exciting moment, there were still mundane little details to handle, and it was sweet because it was like the first mundane detail of the rest of their lives. They’ll always be supporting each other and sharing the little things, for as long as they both shall live.

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Aren’t they adorable?! Also, Scott’s birthday was the next day! What a great gift! Congratulations, Scott and Rebekah! Thanks so much for trusting me to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment; I’m super excited for what’s in store for you two! You’re engaged!!!