Hatcher Garden Engagement Session|Spartanburg, SC|Alexa+Anthony

They met at his birthday party eight years ago. Alexa told me her inspiring story last summer: she had recently¬†found the courage to escape¬†an abusive relationship and return home to her parents. Stressed about starting over, she called her brother, who suggested that she visit him in Charleston. It was there that she tagged along to Anthony’s birthday party and, in her words, her life changed forever. It was love at first sight–they joked about how he had cleaned his house but stuffed everything in the closet, they danced, and they kissed. Alexa headed back to Greenville without giving Anthony her number, but he sent her a Facebook message {an hour after she left} saying that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. They had their first date on her birthday two weeks later and dated long distance for nearly a year before she moved to Charleston.

They’re getting married on May 13, 2018, so they decided to have a pre-wedding party and engagement session on May 13, 2017. They spent the day celebrating with their wedding party, then we met at Hatcher Garden and Nature Preserve in Spartanburg for a group photo and a walk through the park.

When these two met, Anthony immediately impressed Alexa with what a gentleman he is. She hasn’t stopped smiling since he sent that first Facebook message, and what a beautiful smile it is! {He’s singing to her in these shots below–and I heard they’re going to have karaoke at the wedding!}

Alexa and Anthony definitely know how to have a good time, and it was such fun exploring the gardens with them–laughing, dodging banana spiders, and getting to know each other on their *negative* one year anniversary.

Alexa and Anthony, thanks for sharing your story to show that there’s hope in love, for trusting me with your big day next year, and for making me laugh. You’re both so sweet, and your unconditional love for each other is beautiful. Can’t wait to have dinner soon!