Furman University Family Session|Greenville, SC|The Dews and DePues

Josh and Rachel are our closest friends around here, and a few years back Rachel came to our little apartment and sat on our old slipcovered sofa and made my business logo for me {and then revamped it after a few months–it’s cool right?!} I told her I owed her a photo session, and she’s spent all this time deciding the best way to use it. There were a few family photos that she missed at her wedding, and this May we finally had a chance to fill in the gaps! She gathered her and Josh’s reluctant family members to brave Furman’s campus, and it was worth every minute for them on this sunny summer evening. Aren’t they a great looking family?

Since Rachel made those first logos for me, she and Josh have hosted countless dinners, helped us demolish and then repaint our house, and made us feel not so lonely when we’ve needed it most. We’re so thankful for them and the good people who raised them, and I’m so glad they now have the photos together that they all deserve!