Prom Session|Williamston, SC|Logan and Friends

One thing I’d never done before this month is prom photos! I think when Leslie contacted me 4 days before prom, she was almost sure that I would be completely booked because of all the proms going on. I’m so glad her neighbor Chris Wilson sent her my way, because I wasn’t! It was fun seeing the “couple side” of high school prom pictures, because I never had a prom date and we mostly took group pictures with other girls. Logan and Sydney were absolutely precious! I am especially a fan Sydney’s two piece prom dress, the Caldwells’ gorgeous home, and the way these two look at each other. Cute, cute, cute.

EPP_3303 EPP_3320EPP_3308 EPP_3322-2 EPP_3328 EPP_3330

Logan was not so much into the cheesy couple photos, but when it was his time to shine, he turned into a male model, with idea after idea, including “The Rock.”

EPP_3334 EPP_3344 EPP_3340

And isn’t Sydney gorgeous?! If I didn’t love this dress before, I definitely did when I found out it had POCKETS! She got it at The Castle in Anderson. Designer: 2Cute.

EPP_3347 EPP_3351 EPP_3473

Logan and Sydney’s friends, Meg and Taylor, joined us after a bit.

EPP_3365 EPP_3390

Friend pictures are always the best! Syndey and Meg are so sweet.

EPP_3417 EPP_3424

And can you really have a prom session without dancing? Nope.

EPP_3445 EPP_3446

These four friends went off to dinner at Rick Erwin’s in Clemson before the prom began. They planned to return to the Caldwells’ house afterward for pizza and swimming. What a night! I hope y’all had fun!! Thanks, Leslie, for your kindness and hospitality! Your home is lovely and you’ve raised such a gentleman.