Falls Park Engagement Session|Greenville, SC|Catherine+Preston

Catherine and Preston were introduced by mutual friends at a dinner party. They went on to have their first date at The Lazy Goat {one of my favorites} and then Stellar Wine Bar {not the rooftop one, but the other one}. This past December, Preston proposed on The Liberty Bridge in Falls Park, and Catherine of course said yes! Catherine is a teacher and Preston is a chef {like Sasha and Greg: coming to the blog after their wedding next month}. Preston works at Furman, which is also where these two are getting married, and he’s planning a menu full of super cool food stations for their reception. Catherine’s planning the rest, and I know it’s going to be beautiful! It’s always interesting to me when people are successfully “set up” by friends–how someone can know that two people are perfect for each other without ever having seen them together!! They must have good friends who know them well, because Catherine is clearly the shrimp to Preston’s grits station. Sorry that doesn’t sound as cute as it did in my head–I don’t make a habit of calling people shrimp–but this relationship is a tough one to describe. These two are quiet, but they’re there for each other, committed, and supportive… like shrimp and grits.

Enough with the food simile. For their engagement session, we went to downtown Greenville. On the Sunday of Artisphere. We might be crazy, but we worked it out because it’s just so beautiful there! Taking engagement photos in front of crowds of people is not on most people’s list of favorite activities, but Catherine and Preston were both brave, and we found some secluded areas to make things less awkward. We even had the chance to take advantage of these colorful banners on the bridge!

EPP_3492 EPP_3501 EPP_3503 EPP_3509

The best moments for this sweet couple were when they were just talking to each other, encouraging one another, and doing their best to be in their own little world. Plus, doesn’t Catherine have the prettiest smile?

EPP_3520 EPP_3533 EPP_3546 EPP_3554

I also love the way they hold hands–I know you can’t see it in the pictures, but it’s not a normal grip. Imagine their fingers dancing with each other while they look into each other’s eyes, and interlocking together as they please like the roots in the photo below. So beautiful and dynamic.

EPP_3575 EPP_3577 EPP_3591 EPP_3588

Preston took us to a part of Falls Park I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, or at least not in awhile, behind the stage area. There was a peaceful little waterfall back there, and it was a great idea on his part!

EPP_3598 EPP_3604 EPP_3613 EPP_3623

You can’t have an engagement session without a ring shot + the story behind it. Though the proposal was a surprise, Catherine and Preston had been looking at rings together. She sent him some ideas, and he found this one online and thought it looked like one she’d like. When they went to the store together, she picked out the same one! Love that he knows her so well and that they found the perfect ring together.


My favorites! This is what Falls Park is all about, and I think we can agree Preston couldn’t have picked a better spot to propose. Their relationship began downtown, and their engagement did the same, in the most gorgeous place. He popped the question right in the middle of the bridge, and it must have felt like they were the only two people in the world at that moment.

EPP_3655-Edit-3 EPP_3677 EPP_3680

Let’s not forget to mention those outfit choices–perfect! Catherine is just so cute, and Preston’s shirt matches both of her pretty outfits so well! Great job, ma’am!

Catherine and Preston, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules and braving the crowds for your engagement session! I can’t believe your wedding is just over a month away, and I’m really looking forward to it. See you soon, future Agnews!

Also, I love Catherine’s hashtag: #happilyeveragnew