Falls Park Adoption Session|Greenville, SC|The White Family

Sometime in the past, I apparently signed up to be a volunteer adoption photographer for an organization called Together We Rise, which is “dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America.” Did I forget that I signed up? Yes. Am I glad that I did? Very much yes. What a great organization! I was both surprised and thrilled when I was connected with Kristin, and I loved hearing Ava’s story at our mini session in Falls Park. Here it is:

When they got married six or seven years ago, Kristin and Michael each had kids already. They wanted to have a baby together, but they couldn’t, so they decided to foster instead. They started out with a few boys; their hearts were broken when they went back to family. Just over two years ago, they got a call asking if they would take a newborn. They asked if adoption would be a possibility, but it was uncertain. She came to them on 1/22/14. Michael was determined not to get too attached, but with Ava, that didn’t work out too well. She stole the hearts of her new parents and siblings right away, and this May they were able to make her forever family through adoption! Her full name is Ava Grace Louise White, and she is the most beautiful two year old.

EPP_3155 EPP_3157 EPP_3168 EPP_3159 EPP_3162 EPP_3189-Edit

This session was even more special because the whole family was able to be there. Kristin’s oldest, Derrik, came home from school in Missouri for the weekend {and bought new Jordans for the session}, and Yana is graduating and moving soon, so this was really their one chance to get photos all together.


We took individuals of Ava with all of the siblings, but the one with Yana is my favorite. Both of them have a sister for the first time, which is so exciting! Of course the ones with Ava and her “new” parents are awesome too, and I just love how she pushes her hair back so we can see her sweet face.

EPP_3199 EPP_3204 EPP_3206

Kristin said that when the adoption workers asked the siblings how they felt about the adoption, they really didn’t even know what they meant because Ava was so much their sister already. I know that she was also 100% Kristin and Michael’s daughter from day one. And what a lovely family!


Foster care and adoption are great because they are a tangible representation of the Lord’s adoption of us as his children. We are 100% his, and it would be crazy to think of it any other way.

Kristin and Michael, I’m so glad Ava is yours! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day! {Kristin, I loved getting to know you while the rest of the family fought the Artisphere traffic!}

Thank you also to Together We Rise for connecting us!