Boxwood Manor Wedding|Pendleton, SC|Jesse+Mabry

His mother was her first grade teacher, but they didn’t meet until 2013. She had just gotten out of a long relationship and went to bars to be around people. They met each other at Steddy’s a few times and decided to get to know each other apart from the nightlife. They dated for two years until Jesse bought a ring. He was much too antsy to wait once it came and did a simple proposal at home in the middle of the night. Mabry cried, and they planted daisies for their wedding, which is super sweet despite the fact that they ended up buying their daisies on Amazon. I don’t blame them–I’ve actually managed to kill air plants, which need nothing to live, not even dirt. But to say that Mabry and Jesse put a LOT of effort into this wedding would be an understatement. You’ll see. After a year of cold hard planning and crafting, they got married on a sunny Wednesday at the beautiful Boxwood Manor in Pendleton, SC.


Mabry bought her gorgeous dress in Charleston at a cute little boutique called Bridals by Jodi. Its name is ti adora by Alvina Valenta, and I love it so much I might marry it {sorry, Tucker}.

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Mabry described her wedding to me as bohemian/hippie, but I also knew the colors were navy and yellow, and those themes didn’t match up in my mind, but she NAILED IT. She made everything herself–she thrifted bottles, jars, dishes, and glassware, and meticulously attached lace, pearls, appliqués, and ribbons to hundreds of them I’m sure. Daisies made them complete and they looked beyond perfect. Since the glasses were from a thrift store, she let guests take them home, and you better believe I took a few for myself. I don’t say no to free things, especially when they are just what I have been looking for for my bar cart. Thanks Mabry! Your hard work paid off!

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They used doors to make an altar and set up the ceremony in a field on the most perfectly sunny day. There was a rain scare, but the weather could not have been more beautiful {I know that’s something people say rather flippantly, but I’m serious this time}. Jesse and Mabry also found chairs at the thrift store and painted and re-covered them with cute fabric. Yeah. I am flabbergasted at how hard they worked.

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Y’all I am just getting started. Please forgive me for the length of this blog post. {Tip: if you’re on a mobile device, move to a computer. It will move faster.} The Boxwood Manor‘s upstairs is so charming, and it’s where the bride and her girls got ready. Another thing Mabry made: headpieces and barefoot sandals for herself and all of her bridesmaids. I had to wear shoes at my wedding, but I was definitely barefoot at the reception, so these made me like Mabry even more.

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Jesse arrived, and Mabry glided down the stairs for her first look while the wedding party looked on. I love the way he looks at her!

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We headed to the very pretty grounds for portraits; take note that Mabry and her bridesmaids each made her own bouquet!! Great job, ladies, and what a fun little bachelorette activity.

EPP_1855EPP_1842-2 EPP_2327  EPP_1867EPP_1866 EPP_1911

The time came to hide Mabry away as the guests arrived for the ceremony, and she and that dress chose to spend some time in this house’s adorable parlor. She also called Jesse in to break some bad news to him: because of a last minute mishap, their rose petals would be orange and pink–basically Clemson and Georgia colors. But the show must go on.

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The guests arrived, and the procession began. One of the exceptionally cute flower girls took a tumble while pulling the tiny ring bearer in his wagon, time stopped for a second, and Jesse came to the rescue. He so sweetly left his station at the altar to help her up, dust her off, and take over pulling the wagon. What a great guy! I love that anyone could have run over to help, but that he was the first to do it. Mabry’s mom walked her down the aisle of decorated candles, and both of them were beautiful.

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Danielle Baker, The Wedding Lady, performed a beautiful ceremony. {She really takes an interest in counseling her couples and making each ceremony special, and I did the math with the stats on her website–about 98% of her couples are still happily married! I’d say Mabry and Jesse made a great choice with her.} These two both had the biggest smiles on their faces the whole time, and you could tell they were so excited to be getting married!

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Mabry asked me to take the kiss picture from the back {clearly so I could capture the butt grab} and it was a great idea! I love the mid-kiss smile, and Jesse’s mom clapping right there in the background.

EPP_2267 EPP_2268

Again, these two are the happiest! Their first dance was precious, and it was followed by a father-daughter dance, a mother-son dance, and a priceless surprise dance for Jesse’s parents to dance together. There was also a really great couple’s dance with lots of really happy couples participating and the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” obviously by Elvis but also recently on that beautiful gum commercial. Loved it. So much love. Jason Owens was the DJ, and every song choice was perfect.

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Mabry had a special vase prepped for her bouquet, and I noticed for the first time during the reception that she used Middle Sister wine bottles. So clever!

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Holmes Catering did a great job with the food: pulled pork sliders, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit+veggies, and several amazing dips. Their setup was also really cute, and they had dishes, platters, and other decorations that went really well with this event. If anyone is looking for a venue is Spartanburg, Tim Holmes has recently turned his home into a GORGEOUS one called Lions Gate Manor.

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And the pie. Approximately half of the Thompsons’ gallery might be pictures of these pies. Apple, pecan, key lime, chocolate cream, Oreo creme. All in adorable little crusts. Mabry’s friend Paige Roberts made them, and she did a fantastic job. Plus, such a great idea! I’m not the biggest cake fan, so I appreciate a good wedding pie for sure.

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Amidst all the mingling, I caught Jesse’s dad passing on some marriage advice to his son. What a moment.


Occasionally during the reception, Mabry and Jesse would pull each other away from conversations and just enter into their own little world on the dance floor. The sweetest.

EPP_2529 EPP_2533

We also pulled away for a few photos, including a panorama that Mabry specifically requested. Isn’t she beautiful?! And I can’t get over these details–the boutonniere she made, those necklace choices {her aunt Gina’s for whom she was named and her grandmother’s}, the headpiece, the hair. Isn’t her hair the coolest?! Whitney Feria did a rockin’ job on it; so perfect for this wedding, and it reminds me of my macrame days {I photocopied an entire macramé book in the library and took it home and made stuff out of hemp cord all the time #elementaryschoolhippie. Just texted mom to see if she still has it}.

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I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful the Boxwood Manor property is! It was an excellent choice on Jesse and Mabry’s part.

EPP_2562 EPP_2565

{Here’s the panorama–probably not everything Mabry was hoping for since it was my first time making one, and it took me many hours, and I see now that I may still be missing part of a corner, but we got the couple, the barn, the sunset, and the guests, so I’m not ashamed of it}.


The festivities resumed with lots of dancing, including a sister dance with JC {below–she helped lots with the decorations as well!}, as well as a golf cart ride “exit.”

EPP_2574 EPP_2589  EPP_2647 EPP_2648

No one was ready to leave yet for real, so the dancing continued on. This was seriously such a fun wedding. When Jason started playing Prince, the whole family came out to the dance floor. Mabry told me it was a special time for them and said “we’re a Prince family.” They did a several-song tribute to him–the bride was going to walk down the aisle to Purple Rain, but changed her mind in light of Prince’s recent passing–instead, she and her family danced the night away to that song as well as some other great ones.

EPP_2685 EPP_2686 EPP_2701

I love how you can see Mabry’s passion in both her expressions and her dress. She and Jesse are dance partners for life, and I know it’s going to be wonderful. She’s going to have the dress shortened and wear it on a one year anniversary trip. Just more proof that she put her heart and soul into this wedding and did not overlook a single smart, beautiful detail. I know Jesse did the same, and I know they’re both excited to just relax and be married now!

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Jesse and Mabry, I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of this amazing wedding. Thanks for making a beeline for my table at the Veils & Tails event last June and for making me feel special. Thanks for trusting me with capturing this super important day that you worked so hard on. Thanks for showing me what a great team the two of you are and for being so genuine in front of the camera. Always give each other your extra time and your. . . . kiss! I wish you two the very best and hope to work with you again!

Thanks again to all the wonderful vendors, especially Annette of Boxwood Manor! I think I thank Shelby in every blog post for referring someone–this one’s from her too! Love you girl!

Other brides, contact me for free tickets to this June’s Veils & Tails party!