Boxwood Manor Senior Session|Pendleton, SC|Mallorie

Beautiful Mallorie is graduating from Pickens High School this month! When she first messaged me, I thought she probably went to Wren, because I had just posted Meg’s blog, but nope! Mallorie found me by searching for photographers on Facebook, looking at the suggestions, and picking her favorite! This is very exciting for me because I think it’s the first time a client has just found me like that! She told me that she wanted to do her session in a field, the woods, at an old barn, or in a field with flowers. Two days later, I shot Mabry’s wedding at the Boxwood Manor and noticed that it had it all! Annette was so kind to let us come up there for the senior session, and the more we explored the property, the better it got.

Mallorie graduates May 28th, but her mom Lori said she’s been “done” since somewhere around October. Been there!! But she made it! AND she’s looking good in her blue cap & gown {& eyes}.

EPP_3700 EPP_3707

Mallorie navigated a few AP classes her senior year, and she ended up really enjoying Anatomy. Her plan is to look into the field of physical therapy while attending Liberty University in Virginia.

EPP_3709 EPP_3713

As we talked about Mallorie’s future plans, we headed down to these beautiful fields of whimsical thistles and wind-blown wheat. I’m so glad it ended up being a sunny day; I get the feeling that the sunshine follows this girl wherever she goes.

EPP_3759 EPP_3763 EPP_3765

She told me about her cross-country team that has been like a family. I’m so glad she had that experience in high school, and I hope she’ll find it at Liberty too. She said that when she toured the school it already felt like home {only without the athletic shorts}, and she’s already met her roommate, so she definitely has an advantage there.

EPP_3776 EPP_3780

Doesn’t she look like a model with that serious face on? But then again, she has that amazing smile.


And laugh! I told her she could do a fake laugh if she wanted, but Lori came to the rescue and made her laugh for real by reminding her about a crazy picture they took of their little dog Lily. Mallorie was so tickled and it was adorable.

EPP_3803 EPP_3823 EPP_3808 EPP_3810

She also has a few other dogs, donkeys, and chickens at home. A farm! What a cool place to grow up!


We toured the more farm-y part of Boxwood Manor before moving on to the reason we came…

EPP_3848 EPP_3852 EPP_3859 EPP_3877

This field. Pure magic. And how Mallorie flipped her hair the other way for these? So smart. All of these outfits were also so smart. Great choices all around!

EPP_3909 EPP_3916 EPP_3921 EPP_3935 EPP_3944 EPP_3942 EPP_3951EPP_3937

Mallorie, you’re such a beautiful, confident, happy graduate, and I’m so proud of you even though we’ve only met once. I’m excited for your future at Liberty and for the difference you’ll make in people’s lives with physical therapy or whatever else you may end up doing. Thanks for picking me and for being yourself–it was so fun working with you and I hope to do it again in the future!

Lori, thanks for carrying Mallorie’s things, making runs to the car in the heat, keeping me company during wardrobe changes, and knowing exactly how to make your daughter laugh. I’m so glad you came, and I appreciate you!

Thanks again to Annette of Boxwood Manor, and her “wasband” who owns some of the property as well. Great job, Merle Norman of Anderson, on Mallorie’s flawless makeup!