Taylors Mill Engagement Session|Taylors, SC|Amy+Elijah

Amy and Elijah met on Instagram. If you’re as social media illiterate as I am, at this point you play it cool and act like you know tons of people who have met on Instagram. It’s the new Tinder. After awhile, you really start to wonder how on earth that could happen. Here it is: 1. Have mutual friends and run across her account. 2. Like all of each other’s photos as a joke. 3. Message each other directly on Instagram. 4. Exchange numbers and FaceTime until you fall in love. Easy enough! Elijah is from Greenville, but he’s in the Air Force and is stationed in Idaho, so his and Amy’s relationship has been almost entirely long distance, and social media has been so important to them. It was fabulous seeing them on one of their rare weekends together in person–they were absolutely giddy!

We started out at the super cool Taylors Mill then headed downtown for a few shots at dusk. Aren’t these two adorable?! They were full of young love and giggles, and I know they’re excited for their June wedding! {Note Elijah carrying Amy across the room because her heels were high and he didn’t want them to get caught in the holes in the floor–what a gentleman}.


Most couples look at me like I’m insane if I ask them to put their noses and foreheads together. I noticed these two were doing it completely on their own while I wasn’t watching! Cutest ever.

Amy suggested we park in the Richardson Street garage, and I suggested we meet on the top floor {trying to sneakily force them to get some roof shots}. Turns out there’s no elevator on that level and we had to drive back down, but I’d say it was worth it.

Congratulations, Amy and Elijah! I wish you both the best and thank you for your service!