Legacy Park Family Session|Greenville, SC|The Straders

We haven’t been having Sushi Monday with our good friends the Straders lately, and it’s been a hard few months. Time spent with them is always fun, and our session in Legacy Park was no exception! Bad weather was in the forecast, the sky was dark in the distance, and little did we know there was baseball sized hail not too far away, but we didn’t change our plans. Many of the plants lost their color because of the warm February weather followed by that odd bit of March snow, but everything that was green popped against the gray skies and made for a nice early spring feel. It was warm enough that I got to wear shorts for the first time in awhile {I hate jeans} and we had a lovely stroll through the park!

Titus is 2 and a half, the age where leaves and acorns are very important and poop is hilarious {or is that every age if you’re a boy?}. He has an excellent “cheese” and is really great at having fun with David and Heather.

He can also jump about half an inch off the ground, but not on the count of three. He’s not a big snuggler, but he managed a pretty big hug for his parents.

When we were trying to decide if the weather was going to hold off for us, I asked Heather if Titus was afraid of thunder, and she said she didn’t think so. Luckily she was right–here’s his reaction when it interrupted his collecting acorns.

David and Heather let Titus run free so they could get a photo of just the two of them, but it didn’t take long for him to realize they weren’t right behind him and run back to join the fun.

*when you’re alone in the park because your parents are taking pictures without you* he’s the next big meme, y’all!


Are these three not the most beautiful family you’ve ever seen? We love them and are so thankful for their friendship and constant encouragement in everything we do!

Afterwards we tried out a new sushi place–Otto Izakaya–highly recommend! and had a chance to catch up a little more after our Sushi Monday famine. Can’t wait for many more years of sushi and photos with these guys! Thanks, David and Heather!