Campbell’s Covered Bridge Mother-Daughter Session|Landrum, SC|Ariel+Tanya

I’ve been friends with Ariel for awhile, so I was so excited when she told me I was going to get to meet her mom, Tanya! She said she wanted some head shots as well as mother-daughter photos {definitely something everyone should do}. If you’ve filled out one of my contracts before you know that I have an item that says Session Theme. That section is super broad and I usually expect people to put “family session” or “first birthday” but I’m just waiting for the day when someone writes something like “Hogwarts” or “Water Skiing.” Ariel did the next best thing and wrote “fun times.” After this session I’m convinced that these two are the definition of fun times!

We went to the beautiful Campbell’s Covered Bridge in Landrum. We actually both got way lost and ended up in the same random place at the same time, so we were both about 20 minutes late, but it worked out because the light was gorgeous!


There was so much laughter and dancing the whole time. So. Fun.

EPP_0106 EPP_0107 EPP_0108

Tanya is not a big fan of the great outdoors, so it was kind of a big deal that she was willing to come down to the creek. She did fabulously, and once she got down there you would never know that she was even a little bit uncomfortable. And isn’t she beautiful?!

EPP_0115 EPP_0116

This is what happens when you have a photo session with your mom: you have to take a picture by the sign “so you remember where you were!” Haha, so adorable! After learning about the covered bridge, Ariel and I headed to the other side of the bridge while Tanya watched from solid ground.

EPP_0126 EPP_0134

Ah! Isn’t she beautiful too?! This one is my favorite! Ariel, I’d say you do pretty well on both sides of the camera.

EPP_0147EPP_0136 EPP_0149

I can’t emphasize enough how much I loved watching Ariel interact with her mom and vice versa. It seems like they’re so close and so proud of each other and I know they’ll treasure having photos together.

EPP_0163 EPP_0166

Ariel is so fun and cool and now I know exactly where she gets it from! So much beauty and personality between these two.

EPP_0180 EPP_0177 EPP_0181EPP_0213EPP_0222EPP_0237 EPP_0238

Ariel, thanks so much for introducing your mom to me! I had a super fun time with you two and can’t wait to be a part of the other projects you have in mind for this year! {Also, LOVE that shirt}

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