Southern Hills Lavender Event Photography|Greer, SC|U-Pick Lavender

The highly-anticipated U-Pick Lavender event at Southern Hills Lavender was today! When I say highly anticipated: this is the first time the farm has been open to the public…9.7K people on Facebook were “interested!” I have no idea how many people actually attended, but I do know it was A LOT! Traffic backed up for miles, the lines circled the lavender, and Mary and Tim put smiles on many, many faces today. I’m glad the event was so successful, and I know they’re thankful to the many volunteers, vendors, and people who came. I had met Mary before in the early days of the Greer Farmer’s Market, so I emailed her last month to see if she needed an extra volunteer. She told me that they could use a photographer, so I arrived with my camera 20 minutes before the event began. Hundreds of people were already there! You could see the lavender from the road, and it is such a lovely sight. It must be so cool for those who get to drive by it every day! And these lavenders are only a year old! It’s only going to get prettier.

EPP_5763 EPP_5765

Each row was set up with a handy sign describing the variety of lavender in that row and what its uses were.

EPP_5767 EPP_5766

Many of the vendors brought out lavender-themed goods. Those present included The Carolina Honey Bee Company, Sculp’tin, Possum Kingdom Kreamery, and several others.

EPP_5753 EPP_5756 EPP_5752 EPP_5751 EPP_5745

Three food trucks were present: The Automatic Taco, with lavender panna cotta in addition to their regular menu.


Highway 301 Food Truck, with lavender peach lemonade {sold out super fast}, lavender peach chicken salad, and lavender vanilla macarons.

EPP_5829EPP_5854 EPP_5857

Pink Mama’s Ice Cream Truck, with lavender white chocolate, lavender chocolate chip, lavender pink lemonade sorbet, lavender strawberry sorbet, and lavender lemonade. {Fairly certain that if anyone googles the word lavender in the upstate this post should come up}

EPP_5830 EPP_5826

Volunteers instructed guests how to cut the lavender with the sterilized scissors: not too deep–just below the first or second set of leaves. Brush away the bees gently. Don’t step on the rows. Etc. Also, everyone wore hats! I missed the memo but I thought it was pretty cool.


The fun began! Can you think of a more lovely way to start a Saturday morning?! Plus it smelled amazing.

EPP_5777 EPP_5781 EPP_5798 EPP_5799 EPP_5800

There were lavender themed activities for the kids, including lavender moon sand!

EPP_5802 EPP_5801

The event was serenaded by the Young Appalachian Musicians, including Peyton O’Kelly, fiddler. “I’ll Fly Away” while picking lavender. Two thumbs up. Guests could also see multiple educational talks and demos, including one about bees.

EPP_5804 EPP_5807

Lavender was carried away by the handfuls, basketfuls, and even strollerfuls. Makes you wonder if they started out with a second kid right there. #priorities.

EPP_5815 EPP_5817 EPP_5851EPP_5847

There was one pair of scissors per family, which I think definitely {though perhaps inadvertently} promoted teamwork. If you count holding the bunch of lavender, choosing the next piece, and using the scissors, that’s three hands, and most people only have two. Some good family bonding happened this morning for sure.


I was so impressed with the variety of people who came. Seriously all ages, multiple languages, any demographic you can think of–they were there. What a great way to bring people together!


Perhaps the best part was that for admission, everyone brought an item to donate to Greer Relief. I only stayed for an hour and a half of the four hour event {it was hot}, and this was the pile that they had already collected when I left! I’m sure it continued to grow.


Great work, Mary! You and Tim organized an event that brought joy to many people and made a difference in the community. It was beautiful and fun, and I’m thankful you allowed me to be a part of it. Everyone check out Southern Hills Lavender! It was the place to be today and I’m sure future events will be just as successful.