Lindsey Plantation Wedding|Taylors, SC|Sasha+Greg

They met when they were both working at Keowee Key, and when it was time to propose Greg planned the whole thing so perfectly. Sasha is a 5th grade teacher, and on a regular day at lunch time, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” started playing. The gasps of her students drew Sasha’s attention to the stage, where Greg was standing with a bouquet of red roses and her parents were coming out as well. When her heart started beating again, she joined him on stage and they danced. Their conversation, from Sasha’s perspective:

As we’re dancing, I whisper, “Are you here for the reason I think you’re here?”. He looked at me, surprised, and responded, “Oh no, babe, I just came to surprise you at work.” Not knowing whether I wanted to smack him, or laugh, he informed me that he was joking. He said, “Oh, did you think I came for this…”, as he slowly got down on one knee.

What a dream! Several months later we had these two over for dinner. Sasha failed to mention to me that Greg is a CHEF before I made dinner for them, but he ate it so it must not have been terrible. He made Sasha’s salad for her and it was precious. The four of us didn’t stop talking for hours, and it was a struggle to even focus on the wedding with so many other things to say and limited time before Greg had to go back to work. Sasha and Greg are definitely the kind of couple that you want to be friends with, and their wedding at Lindsey Plantation did not disappoint! {Note: view this post on a computer to scroll through a quicker layout}

Sasha wore a stunning dress from Dimitra Designs and cute, barn-appropriate sandals. Their invitations showcase their wedding font, which I learned early on was a very important detail.

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The stables were decorated with twinkly lights, paper lanterns, candles, painted vases with white hydrangeas and baby’s breath, and more wedding font.

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When I visited Lindsey Plantation with Sasha and Greg, we saw horses, and they joked that if either of them got cold feet, the horses were their getaway plan. I loved seeing the sweet little note continuing that joke!

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Out back were yard games in their wedding colors: tic tac toe, Yardzee, Jenga, and cornhole. They put so much thought into everything, and it’s cool that one of their colors is also their last name {Teal}.

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The ceremony was set up in a field that had been mowed in the shape of a key and overlooked the gorgeous mountains. Greg and his groomsmen wore gray Men’s Wearhouse suits and coral bow ties.

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Sasha wanted to have a first look with her dad, and it was so sweet! Around the same time–minutes before the ceremony–it started to sink in that she was about to be a wife! She just kept repeating that she was going to marry her best friend. Anxious excited for sure. There was lots of fanning her with the mini fan, but no cold feet in sight. The girls rode up to the ceremony in a pickup truck, and the procession began!

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When the wedding party had walked down the aisle, the wood doors that are what so many people love about Lindsey Plantation closed, and Sasha stood behind them with her parents. They opened again for the big reveal, and her mom and dad both walked her down the aisle.

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The ceremony was short and sweet, and Sasha and Greg greeted their guests with finger guns, cute little waves, and big hugs after being pronounced husband and wife.

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Signing the marriage license has never been so fun as it was with these two!

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And have you ever seen such a lovely group of girls? Sasha and her bridesmaids perfected the laughing photo.

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Even the family photos were so special and emotional. I met Sasha’s parents a few times during the wedding planning and I know she’s especially close with them! Greg’s sister is his best friend, and he told me when we first met that he talks to her every day. She was a grooms-woman, which I loved because I had a brides-man at my wedding {happy birthday, Isaac!}. Sasha also had a chance to tell her grandpa about how she’s keeping her middle name just for him, and he was so happy.

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The reception in the stables was what they were really looking forward to. Greg picked out the perfect caterer with all of his chef knowledge and connections: Southern Palate Catering.

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The first dance {Thinking Out Loud, like the proposal}, father/daughter dance, and mother/son dance were all super sweet and, again, emotional. {Greg had his sunglasses at the ready in case they needed to come down}. I know the relationships these two have with their parents will only strengthen their marriage!

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The cake was made by Stacie Amesbury at Soby’s on the Side, and the topper matched their Best Day Ever napkins. I don’t always eat cake at weddings, but I knew this was one I couldn’t miss, and it was delicious!

EPP_7142 EPP_7147

Greg’s ring is one of the cool QALO silicone rings {which I almost just had to buy Tucker because he temporarily lost his original one}. And Sasha’s–have you ever seen so many diamonds? Tied to Sasha’s bouquet were her late grandmother’s rings–so beautiful.

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Sasha wanted their portraits at sunset, and we sprinted out there just in time. It could not have been more stunning!

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Back at the reception, several friends and family members made toasts to the newlyweds. I’ve never seen such fun and exciting toasts; highlights were the celebration of Sasha becoming a Teal and the celebration that Greg’s childhood knife collection led to his becoming a chef and not a mass murderer.

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Next, Sasha and Greg played the shoe game, where someone asks questions like “who said I love you first” and “who is the better dancer” and each of them holds up the shoe of the correct person. It was hilarious, and it was fun seeing where they disagree and where they think similarly and have similar mannerisms like married couples do. Todd’s shoe was thrown into the mix for “who’s the best shot”–but I’m sure Greg will treat Sasha right.

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It was no surprise that the garter toss and bouquet toss and cake cutting were lots of fun as well! We can hold up Greg’s shoe for the question “who smashed the cake in Sasha’s face first.”

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They’d been waiting to dance the whole time, and after a few group shots in the photo booth, it was time! The DJ, Robert Potts, played everything from the Cha Cha Slide to Baby Got Back, and it was a great party all around!

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The night was over much too quickly, and Mr. and Mrs. Teal were sent off through a line of sparklers.

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Sasha and Greg, thanks so much for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day! You were both crazy kind and polite to Tucker and me and we appreciate it so much. You’re so much fun, both as a couple and individuals, and you’re clearly perfect together. Your wedding was so full of love and excitement, and you forgot the snafus of the day so gracefully. Everything was perfect in the end, and I couldn’t be happier for you both. I wish you the best and can’t wait to work with you again!