Family Lifestyle Session|Simpsonville, SC|The Jones Family

It’s always a joy working with the Jones family! Aisha’s maternity session was in October and now baby Khameron is 5 months old! Corey and Aisha also bought their first home this year–what an exciting time!–so to celebrate both, we planned a session in their new house! It’s such an honor to be invited into anyone’s home. This is where they live. Where they are the most genuine and the most themselves. I’m so thankful the Joneses were willing to show this part of themselves and to allow me to capture it for them.

This family is looking as good as ever with their new addition, and so is this house! I love Aisha’s personal touches on the mantle, and as always, their outfits. We started with portraits and dancing to music on the TV.

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Since the Joneses just moved {I know how that is}, they have one room that’s still empty {I don’t know how that is}. It was the perfect place to play, so we brought in the play mat! Khameron is such a cutie, and since this was my first time meeting him, he had to have his time to shine. And of course we brought the music with us!

EPP_5929 EPP_5930 EPP_5941 EPP_5944

I loved seeing Kassidy’s relationship with her new little bro! It’s such a classic sibling dynamic: they love each other but she still gets grossed out when he’s stinky, or when he licks her hand. I witnessed both.

EPP_5965 EPP_5949EPP_5972EPP_6001

K for Kassidy and Khameron on the play mat and J for Jones on the front door. This home is almost as beautiful as the family living in it!

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We wrapped up with a quick walk through the neighborhood to celebrate Corey and Aisha’s new street. It’s so nice and I’m so happy for them!


Corey and Aisha, thanks so much for introducing me to your new kid and your new house! Both are beautiful! I love watching your family grow, and it’s a pleasure to work with you every time. You two are such great parents and a great team! Can’t wait til next time!