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I met Kaci and Drew through a great friend who worked with them and referred them to me. As cool as that story is, their story is much cooler! These two have known each other since they were itty bitty (it was so cool to see photos of them together as children) and dated each other for a long time. They share pets as well as a love of baseball and Drew is a coach! Drew finally popped the question just before Christmas of 2014. He wrote “Marry Me?” on a baseball and tossed it to her after taking her to a statue that he thought was Casey at the Bat… but was actually Shoeless Joe Jackson. Kaci of course said yes and the two celebrated at Dave & Buster’s with friends. They did not originally plan on having a big wedding, but they found out that they could get married at Fluor Field at the West End and it was too perfect to pass up! They got married on June 6, 2015. I could not have asked for a more fitting and baseball-licious wedding to photograph. I absolutely loved the experience and I am a big fan of Kaci and Drew, too!

On the wedding day Kaci and her bridesmaids got ready in a suite overlooking the baseball field. It was amazing to never forget what an awesome place Fluor Field at the West End is! If you look closely you can see a reflection of my watermelon shirt which I LOVE even though it exposed my back to a good sunburn that day. This is not a fashion blog but you can buy it here.


In that suite Kaci spent time with her besties and discovered the most perfect lip color.


The day I met Kaci was also the day she bought her dress from David’s Bridal


And the day I fell in love with her engagement ring! It’s RED, y’all! How excellently unique!


Kaci and Drew wanted to have a first look, and I was more than happy to be a part of it! Drew is such a man’s man in that he generally keeps his emotions inside, but seeing Kaci in her wedding dress for the first time brought them out in the sweetest way. What an honor that I got to be there!


But wait, there’s more. Kaci had the genius idea to do a first look with her dad as well. It was a precious moment and she gave him a bridal portrait of herself with a heartfelt note written on the bag. (She also wrote notes on her bridesmaids’ gift bags and snoopy me read a couple of them. Kaci has such a kind heart and lovely friendships!)


Speaking of the bridesmaids, here they are! Such a beautiful group of ladies! And do you see those baseball bracelets?? Their gift from sweet Kaci!


Drew’s groomsmen were a hoot! I don’t think I’ve ever used the word hoot in that way before but it works this time! They were so kind and apologized repeatedly for giving me a hard time, but what they really gave me was a good laugh!


Drew and Kaci’s dad seem to have such a great relationship! I told Kaci’s dad to give Drew the “don’t hurt my daughter” talk and this happened! Drew might not be scared but Kaci’s dad does not have to worry about his baby girl!


Have you noticed the boutonnieres yet? They are little baseball flowers! Etsy is a wonderland and Sport Buds delivers a great product!


Really all the details of the wedding were adorable! From the photo booth…


To the flowers…


To the POPCORN flowers….


Right down to the star couple’s chairs!


Their ceremony was short and oh so sweet. Look at that smile on Drew as he seals the deal with a ring!


And a kiss! All with downtown Greenville in the background!


Kaci and Drew spent a moment celebrating with their attendants after the ceremony


(Your eyes do not deceive you–that junior bridesmaid is holding a BASEBALL pomander!!)


And then they spent a moment together as brand-new newlyweds on Fluor Field! What a dream!


Kaci and Drew have such a wonderful family. You may not know that I’m afraid of old people, but I actually start to panic if I’m around them for too long. Except my grandparents. Grandparents are so special and often the stars of my favorite candid photos at weddings. I especially love this three-generation shot of Kaci, her dad, and his dad.


Thus begins the reception. It was fabulous! We had barbecue provided by Fluor Field at the West Endand instead of having a big fancy cake, Kaci chose to celebrate with cookies from The Cookie Kiln. She could not have made a better decision! They were incredibly cute and without a doubt the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten!


I’d also like to mention this gem of a guestbook: have you ever seen such a creative idea? (I just typed greative because its so GREAT too!) They had their guests sign these corn hole boards and are having them shellacked to preserve the sweet notes!


If only you could have seen the dancing that went on that night! It was such a fantastic mass of friendship, love, music, and fun, and it just kept going and going! I love how chill and sassy Kaci looks in this first one! I’m so glad she and Drew got to enjoy themselves on their special day!

EPP_1665EPP_1752 EPP_1877

The night had to end eventually, and (goodbye) hugs are some of my other favorite candids! They are true moments of friendship and I wish I could show every one that I saw that night!


As newly wed Kaci and Drew departed, their friends spontaneously made an archway for them, like a giant group-hug-send-off!


Kaci and Drew, thank you so much for believing in me and my business and supporting me so well! You hit your wedding out of the park with creativity, joy, and most of all love! I am thankful to have you as friends and clients!

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