Lake Keowee Engagement Session|Seneca, SC|Shelton+Liz

Shelton and Liz live in Florence, SC, and they both grew up there, so that’s how they met. They’re getting married this September! Last year, Liz googled underwater photographers in SC and God knows how I came up, but I did. She contacted me and I had some equipment for taking my camera underwater, so we agreed to do some research and reconvene for their engagement session this summer. All my research on Lake Jocassee rendered itself useless when they wouldn’t let us park anywhere near there due to July weekend crowds, but I texted Liz to meet at Lake Keowee instead, and it was just about as beautiful.


After our original plan fell through and I wiped out on some slippery rocks during my test photos, we weren’t counting on the underwater photos to be big winners, so we took plenty above ground. And these two are so cute on land! {Can you believe Liz is related to Greg? Small world!} I love the beachy white clothes and that red lipstick.

EPP_9577 EPP_9583 EPP_9587 EPP_9598EPP_9596 EPP_9599

I’m a big fan of Liz’s ring–it has a little sapphire on the side which I thought was so unique.

EPP_9608 EPP_9620

The greatest part of this session was that they could stand and sit in the water because they were going to get their clothes wet anyway! Every session would end in the water if it were up to me!

EPP_9613 EPP_9635 EPP_9641

80% of our underwater photos were of my hand because the water was NOT as clear as it looked from above and my hand was actually all that I could see in front of me. 17% were of Liz and Shelton’s hands, 2% were of nothing, and 1% were kisses! Liz had seen an underwater shot on TV that she fell in love with and it became the inspiration for the session. We ended up with some pretty cool watery light on these two, and I think that was the main appeal of the photo she sent me! Also, Shelton is in the Navy, so the water theme is definitely appropriate! Thanks for your service, Shelton and Liz.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0047

Shelton and Liz, thanks for driving so far for your engagement session, filling your ears and noses with water, and believing in me even though I’d never done this before! It was great to meet you and you’re both so sweet. I hope your upcoming wedding and marriage are wonderful, and I hope to work with you again! Find a saltwater pool and I’ll come to you next time!

Also thanks to Rachel and Josh for coming along to help and completing the circle of couples with a 5 year age difference between them!