Furman University Wedding|Greenville, SC|Catherine+Preston

Catherine and Preston {see their other blog posts here and here} got married the day before the Fourth of July at Furman University, where Preston works. Their wedding details matched their personalities perfectly and at the same time were beautifully sentimental. I’m so excited to be sharing each one!

The girls began getting ready at Catherine’s adorable home. Her shoes were the sparkliest things I have ever seen, and she even had stickers for the bottoms. Catherine also had handkerchiefs embroidered with personal notes for her mom, dad, and godmother. Such sweet gifts that I know they’ll cherish forever!

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As everyone headed to the Puckett Bride’s Room at Furman to finish getting dressed, I got a closer look at Catherine’s gorgeous gown from The Poinsett Bride, by Allure Romance. She had it embroidered, too with her new monogram and wedding date. What a cool something blue! The lovely black bridesmaid dresses are from Bella Bridesmaids, by Jenny Yoo, and the bridesmaids had the option to wear them strapless or to arrange the straps in any combination their hearts desired! Catherine had two garters–a purple one {her favorite color} and one that belonged to her grandmother.

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The bride’s room was perfect for makeup, and Catherine’s bridesmaid Erin gave her all the purple she could ever want. Preston wrote Catherine a note that she read just before all her bridesmaids pitched in to button her dress just moments before the start of the ceremony. Notes are the best!

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Expressions provided the flowers for this wedding, and they were so vibrant in blue and purple. The ceremony was in Daniel Chapel, which is so beautiful. Photographers aren’t allowed past the back pew during the ceremony, so I couldn’t see what was going on superbly well, but I loved how each shot included the rhythm of the pews and the stunning organ. I do know that Preston and Catherine came up with the coolest “unity” tradition I’ve ever seen, though! As part of the ceremony the minister explained how each of them bring their individual personalities to the marriage and also create something new and great, like spices in a recipe. Each spice in their “recipe for love” represented a component of a great relationship, and they displayed the recipe at the reception! Since Preston is a chef and Catherine loves cooking with him, it could not have been more perfect.

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Catherine told me she was most looking forward to becoming Mrs. Agnew, so it was great to see her smile the moment that it happened!

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A friend of the newlyweds brought this nifty 1933 Plymouth to carry them to the reception, and it was complete with a prop gun, a model Bonnie and Clyde used.

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The reception was in the Hartness Pavilion, which overlooks the lake and the rose garden. Buttercream Bakehouse made the cake, and it had the perfect amount of purple and sparkle for Catherine! Each layer had a different texture, and it was embellished with daisies, orchids, and a monogram cake topper.

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Bell Tower Catering made the food, and Preston expertly selected the most delicious stations: mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, carved brisket, salad, fruit and cheese, chicken and waffles, and dessert. I have never seen so many creative options!

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Here’s that recipe for love! They put so much thought into it, and I bet they’ll laugh every time they use poppy seeds, kiss every time they use rosemary, share everything they eat with thyme in it, and remember to be patient each time they smell lavender.


They had a special table and a candle burning dedicated to their loved ones who had passed, and they honored them in so many other ways as well. Catherine carried her grandmother’s beaded clutch–I think it’s easy to tell where she got her love of sparkles! It was cool to see one of Catherine’s bridal portraits next to the portraits of the grandparents and relatives and to think that it, too, will be displayed for years to come.

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Preston and Catherine took lessons to prepare for their first dance, and they nailed it! It was so cute and they did lots of twirls with their bridal party looking on from the sidelines.

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We retreated outside of Einstein’s for a few newlywed portraits with the roses at twilight, and it looked just like a fairytale.

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Catherine tied her grandfather’s ring to her bouquet, and also wore pearls that her mom’s dad won in a poker game in Vietnam! There’s just a story behind everything!

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I can’t forget to mention Jumping Jukebox! They provided both the lighting and music for the reception! The blue and purple lighting was really the icing on the cake and completed the theme of the wedding so well. Speaking of cake, Blake had the great idea to shine a purple light on it for a photo! It made it look all the more sparkly and festive.

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And cake wasn’t the only dessert! The watermelon was delicious, and the cheese was replaced with jars of banana pudding and s’more’s!

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Blake of Jumping Jukebox did a great job of keeping everyone on the dance floor! It was a super fun night for everyone.

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As it came to an end, guests grabbed confetti poppers to send off Mr. and Mrs. Agnew! These two get to see each other every day now, and I know they’re so happy to be married.

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Congratulations, Catherine and Preston! Thanks for choosing EPP! I enjoyed getting to know you two and bonding over our experiences in Augusta! I wish you the best together and know that you’ll cook up a wonderful life for yourselves!