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July 4th might be my favorite holiday. I know everybody says Christmas, and if you know me you know I love getting giving gifts, but I think I am going to step out and say July 4th. It’s hot outside, which I love, and there is never a shortage of food, friends, and fireworks. It’s magic. So when Ariel Moore texted me in mid June and asked if I was available on July 4th… I was a little hesitant. Work on the Fourth of July? To be honest, I only said yes because I fancied having a bit of extra spending money {for bills} and because I like Ariel and didn’t want to leave her hanging. Looking back, I would have PAID THEM to let me photograph this wedding. Tiffany and Roy, with the help of many amazing vendors, put on the July 4th wedding of a lifetime. And I had a blast! There was just something about taking pretty pictures with fireworks bursting in the background that gave me butterflies in my heart. I don’t regret it for a second and I am so thankful that Ariel Moore invited me to be a part of this day. I want to make it clear that every photo below is because of HER. She booked this amazing wedding, she communicated excellently with the couple and the vendors, she handled every bump in the road with grace, she set up every shot, and she trusted me to assist her and now to share my take on the day. I hope I can use this post to recommend Ariel to every couple who sees it; she really is wonderful.

The Saturday started out rainy. We worried because it’s our job. By the time I arrived at the Hilton Greenville, though, the sky was the bluest I’ve ever seen it. It was like God had just washed the sky to make it into the perfect shiny backdrop for the fireworks.

epp_2351 epp_2352

Tiffany got ready with her and Roy’s younger daughter on her lap. They’ve been together something like 14 years and have three precious kiddos together.

epp_2364 epp_2367

At this point Ariel and I dashed off to get some dress and shoe shots before it was time for Tiffany to put them on. We put great effort into rearranging this conference room then left it for poor Tim the videographer to put it back together, but it provided a wonderful backdrop for these genius shoes! Yellow was the perfect color for this sunshiny day.

epp_2375 epp_2384

I have yet to mention the coolest part of taking the getting-ready photos at the Hilton: The Executive Level. Tiffany and Roy are so fly (do people say that?) that you have to have a key card to get on their level. Literally. They chose beautiful suites to get dressed in, and it was a bonus that everyone else in the elevator thought I was a rockstar.

epp_2512 epp_2414

You might wonder why anyone would give me this card and let me ride the elevator by myself. Shouldn’t I have been working? Well I was! Ariel trusted me to take the groomsmen’s photos while she took the bridesmaids’, so once they were ready we headed down to the pool area, which had some nice greenery and shiny windows.


Look at these guys! Roy and his groomsmen are such a classy group of gentlemen.


Not only are these the best {July 4th} socks ever, but it was completely Roy’s idea to have all of the groomsmen wear different colored shoes. So creative.


Their boutonnieres were quite nice as well!

epp_2466 epp_2495 epp_2450

To make our time downstairs even better, Tiffany surprised Roy with a fancy watch via a messenger! It was very special but also quite funny as I had just asked the groomsmen if they had any pose ideas and they wanted to pretend to look at watches!

epp_2477 epp_2478 epp_2482

These were their own pose ideas!

epp_2489 epp_2493

When we were finished, Tiffany was getting dressed, so I spent my time obsessively and prolifically photographing the beautiful bridal bouquet! The great thing about being the second shooter was that I could spend so much time on such a gorgeous detail. Trés Chic Events did a fabulous job!

epp_2501 epp_2514 epp_2521

Ariel Moore came up with THE perfect first look setup. This was definitely one of the sweetest and most anticipated moments of the day. While we waited for Tiffany, I had some one-on-one time with Roy and got to see how excited he was to marry Tiffany after so many years together. So sweet. Tim the videographer put a microphone on Roy so that they will forever remember the private conversation they had before their wedding! I highly recommend his company Horizen Media as well!

epp_2523 epp_2531 epp_2537 epp_2540 epp_2545

The groomsmen did not have a formal first look of Tiffany, but their reactions were nevertheless PRICELESS. And accurate! Roy absolutely did very well! I was not prepared for this photo in the least but I just couldn’t leave it out!


We made our way to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Downtown Greenville. I loved how the blue, white, and yellow flowers combined with the red pews to make the ceremony so beautifully yet subtly patriotic.

epp_2572 epp_2582

And once again the Macks outdid themselves with the details! I kid you not, the cartoon on this program is the spitting image of their family! And look at those flowers! Way to go, Trés Chic Events.

epp_2571 epp_2587

And they had a saxophone player! How cool is that?!


A moment that I feel is never photographed enough is the interaction between the bride and her father right before the ceremony. Though I only caught Tiffany following Mr. Hawthorne into the church this time, that moment is something I will make a priority in my future second shooting. {And look at that dress}

epp_2670 epp_2676

The ceremony was very nice and Tiffany and Roy incorporated their children into it very well. They wrote their own vows which were quite beautiful and I am so lucky to have had a front row seat. I kept making “awkward” eye contact with Tiffany and it made me realize how special it is to be able to see each and every facial expression, hand movement, and tear on a couple’s wedding day.


Isn’t the way he pulls her in for the kiss right here just perfect?

epp_2748 epp_2749

Another good thing about being a photographer is that you’re allowed to run around a little bit during certain parts of the wedding. Which means I got this view too! What a beautiful and happy couple!

epp_2755 epp_2757

FURTHERMORE, I got to follow Tiffany and Roy and spy on their first moments together as newlyweds!

epp_2761 epp_2765

Group pictures were taken and the couple posed by this schmancy car, which if I am not mistaken belongs to a wedding guest by the name of Thomas Davis. He is a very talented and famous football player for the Carolina Panthers.


The Macks had their reception at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate. It was perfect!


Très Chic Events did a wonderful job with the centerpieces!

epp_2839 epp_2874

And Tiffany and Roy actually had SEVEN different cakes! Now that is what I call a wedding!

epp_2864 epp_2849

The newlyweds’ entrance was adorable, and the night was filled with dancing and delicious food!


The first photo below is Thomas Davis showing off his moves and the second photo is Tiffany and Roy’s adorable son doing the same.

epp_3032 epp_3039 epp_3036

I thought it was great that the kids were able to play in The Children’s Museum of the Upstate while the adult guests mingled in the main room.


How does a wedding as amazing as this one wrap up? With fireworks of course! Ariel and I ventured outside at around 9:30 and were disappointed because we could hear them, but not see them. Imagine our exuberance when we saw these in the distance a bit later! Being the exceedingly spectacular professional that she is, Ariel had the idea to bring an American flag! You absolutely have to see her photos of this. I frantically snapped some of my own while holding her flash; here are a couple of my faves:

epp_3061 epp_3088

The evening ended with a gorgeous sparkler exit. It was my first time photographing one, and I can’t wait to do it again!

epp_3107 epp_3108 epp_3112 epp_3114 epp_3129

Tiffany and Roy, your wedding was perfect. As much as I hope you love these photos, I want you to know that this is only a preview of what Ariel will have for you! Ariel, you earned every bit of this amazing wedding and you have come so far even just in the year that I’ve known you! I am so thankful for everything you have taught me and how well you treat me. Can’t wait to work with you soon!

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