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On June 6, 2015, Aaron took Sarah hiking at DuPont State Forest. Sarah’s friends knew what was going to happen but Sarah had no idea. At the top of Triple Falls, as Sarah was about to continue the hike, Aaron asked her to stay and look at the view. They took some photos together, all the while with Aaron’s hand in his backpack trying to transfer the ring to his pocket while Sarah wasn’t looking. He finally got himself situated and told Sarah that they could go. As she got up to leave he tapped her shoulder and when she turned around he was on one knee. They ended the day with a cold swim beneath High Falls, Sarah holding on tightly to Aaron’s grandmother’s diamond. What a proposal! I can’t wait to tell the rest of their story, but the proposal story is most important for this particular post because we went to the scene of the crime for the engagement session! And by crime of course I mean joyous event!! This has been my most adventurous engagement session to date and I absolutely loved it!

We met at DuPont State Forest and I panicked because I didn’t see them at first and they had no cell service, but I found them and we set off on the path to Triple Falls. I had had them over for dinner, so we were buds, but we spent the walking time getting to know each other a little better. In what seemed like no time at all we found and descended the stairs to Triple Falls. We stepped out to see a gorgeous view and I immediately kicked off my shoes. So did Sarah!

epp_3348 epp_3360

We began to explore and I was drawn right away to the juxtaposition of rocks and plant life. What is more fascinating and hilarious than a plant growing right out of a rock? But Sarah and Aaron were the real stars of the show. Love this mixture of whimsy and sweetness.


At our dinner together Sarah and Aaron mentioned they liked black and white photos, so I made sure to include some in their gallery. And they were so right–black and white looks good on them!


As does color! I LOVE it when things match, and check out that lipstick : button down : blouse triangle.


I have failed miserably at reflection photos in the past, but I quite enjoy this one! I would say it was worth my almost wiping out on the slick rock.


I think its time for you to jump through that reflection photo into the world of DuPont and picture yourself in this photo below. If this doesn’t make you want to kiss your husband by a waterfall, you must be a straight man.


It really was a beautiful place. You can’t see them because of Photoshop, but there were people floating and tubing down the falls and in this lower pool. But do we really want to see them? I’m pretty happy with Sarah, Aaron, and DuPont State Forest.




Between my demonstrating this pose for Aaron and the friendly boost that Sarah gave me while I was scaling a rock, we came to be very close. The photographer-client relationship is special, y’all. I can’t pull it off like Aaron though–so romantic!


I dropped Sarah’s ring a MORTIFYING number of times. It was really bad. I very rarely drop rings but I could tell she was a little hesitant about giving it to me and she said something about “just don’t drop it in the water” and it think it just made me nervous. Thank the good Lord I did not drop it in the water but there were some really terrifying moments of tumbling down rocks. Sarah was either real dumb or a great sport, though, because she kept on giving it to me! And I know she’s not dumb because, fun fact, she has two Bachelor’s degrees! Thanks for trusting me, Sarah; I’d say this shot was worth the heart attacks!


I have so many favorites from this session, but these next shots are some of them! Sarah and Aaron are clearly SO happy together! And look at that red sweater on Sarah–still matches Aaron, and it was a big hit with her Facebook friends!

epp_3497 epp_3504

I think the water in this photo is enchanted. I love the way it flows and sparkles and changes color. Insert marriage metaphor! We all move through life in different directions, and our personalities change, but being committed to one another is a beautiful thing. And I love how the green area of water matches Sarah’s necklace that her parents brought her from their recent trip to Greece. It is very detailed hand-blown glass!

epp_3506 epp_3508

Nature is so funny! The rock sort of bubbled up into a lump here and I just had to set the ring on it! I like the way the rock and the diamond have a similar looking texture though they are so different. I mentioned that the diamond was Aaron’s grandmother’s: His grandfather actually picked it out for her in Jerusalem! It was very special to her and is so special to Sarah as well! Aaron picked out the setting himself and it ended up being exactly what Sarah wanted.


THIS IS THE SPOT! It was so cool to return to the place where Aaron surprised Sarah with that beautiful ring and asked her to be his wife! Isn’t it perfect?!

epp_3529 epp_3528

There was a gorgeous mist around the waterfall that made it seem like a memory, which was so fitting as we were retracing their steps from their engagement day.

epp_3533 epp_3543

I consider it a great privilege to go to special places like this with couples and to see their laughter together! It’s just an explosion of beauty in my eyes and it makes me so very happy. Engagement sessions really are fun; I wish Tucker and I could do one every day!

epp_3535  epp_3544

Next, we headed up to High Falls, where Sarah and Aaron went for a swim as a newly engaged couple. I would have loved to take photos of them actually hiking, but we were all carrying lots of things, so I “settled” for this ring photo with the whimsical hanging moss clumps.


High Falls was just stunning! There was not as much water as there had been in June, and the future Pooles decided not to swim this time {no one really looks good with wet hair}, but it was lots of fun to climb up and see the places where Aaron took Spiderman pictures and where Sarah fell while taking a video. Memories are so great. And kisses!


I wrote a paper in college about selfie moments. This is one of those! What I really want for my photography is to build relationships with my clients and go to cool places together. I want to experience the beauty of the world with them and I want them to be so excited about it that they say, wow, can you take one of us by that? Just like people did to weird uncles and strangers on vacations before the days of selfie sticks.


Sarah told me ahead of time that they were not very creative and would need some direction! PLEASE! They were always talking to each other adorably and thinking up poses themselves! Here are a few that were all theirs!

epp_3582 epp_3583 epp_3594

I wanted some cute shots of Sarah and Aaron helping each other across the rocks, and they took it seriously! This was a BRAVE jump!


I asked Aaron to help Sarah jump to the rock he was on, but she almost lost it on the landing! We joked that I knew that would happen and I just wanted the cute picture of Aaron catching her. Not true, but I’m not sorry it happened!

epp_3613 epp_3614

A chance to rest!


And then one more fun little outfit change! Sarah is learning to be a Braves fan! All the cute-couple-hat-touching makes me want to wear hats too!

epp_3632 epp_3647

Another favorite!


And we end in black and white.


It warmed my heart at the end of this session when Sarah told me that this wasn’t something they would normally enjoy doing but that they had lots of fun!  I had lots of fun too! Aaron and Sarah are such a great couple and it is a joy to spend time with them.

Sarah and Aaron, thanks for stopping by my table at the wedding festival! I’ve loved watching you make each other laugh. It’s been wonderful getting to know the two of you and I can’t wait for your December mountain wedding at Table Rock Lodge. It is going to be stunning.

Your wedding hashtag: #pooleasemarryme


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