Campbell’s Covered Bridge Engagement Session|Landrum, SC|Kristen+Thomas

Thomas and Kristin met at work. After awhile they started dating. It was a classic law office love story. One December day, after much preparation, Thomas and three little girls who are very special to Kristin greeted her, each holding signs bearing the words: Will. You. Marry. Me. Kristin said yes and the two began to plan a beautiful wedding, which I will be photographing at the Farm at Rabon Creek in late September. September is a warm month with some cool days. July is a hot month with hot days. Thomas and Kristin were troopers for their engagement session! I love summertime but we could have used a breeze! Nevertheless they were stunning and I could not control my “aw’s” as they are so adorable together! None of us had been to Campbell’s Covered Bridge before, but Kristin had the great idea to try it out and we did not regret it! It was such a neat place. I would have said cool, but again, it was hot.

Naturally, we started out in the covered bridge. It’s the only covered bridge in SC! There is some very interesting history surrounding it, and we learned that it is neither square nor plumb. I promise I’m not that bad at taking level pictures!


I immediately learned how cute these two are together. I was feeling a little bit under the weather that day, but their smiles gave me the jump start I needed for a great session!



The bridge was very very interesting but I just couldn’t wait to get down to the creek! I think we all know that’s where the magic happens! The first bit of magic I saw was all these tiny tadpoles!! Think of all the frogs they will become! What a metaphor for engagement and marriage, to go from happily swimming to growing legs and jumping! Engagement is fun, but marriage is so empowering. You’re officially a team, and a team is always stronger!


Just look at these two and think of the team they will make!


This is one of my favorites! Can’t you just see the love and laughter hovering between their noses? And it seems to flow through Kristen’s hair and sparkle in the water around them–beautiful.


So Thomas and Kristen ROCKED this pose! Sometimes it confuses people but they just jumped right in and it looked absolutely perfect. They are naturals!


I repeatedly used the excuse of getting a better angle to walk barefoot through the creek, and it felt just like home! And isn’t this a great angle for them?


As is this! Obviously I just could not get enough of this pose. I always arrive at unfamiliar locations early to scope them out, and when I first got here I walked all the way from the tadpole area, under the bridge, and down to that little cove in the background without taking my feet out of the water! It was so wonderful and refreshing, but luckily there was a little path on dry land so we were able to keep the lovely couple’s boots dry.




I really wanted to do justice to the covered bridge, so we went back that way for a few more lovey-dovey shots. I just cannot make up my mind whether these guys are cuter looking at the camera or at each other!

epp_3251 epp_3254

And then there’s Kristen’s ring! It is so simple yet so unique! I am infatuated for sure.

epp_3257 epp_3260

And Thomas is in love for sure! Look at that smile!


The park included a short path through the woods, so we decided to seek some shade and take a little walk. The shade didn’t really make a difference in the temperature, but it was still very pretty! Don’t you just get the feeling that their hands fit perfectly together? I mean check out those interlocking fingers!

epp_3281 epp_3284epp_3293 epp_3275

The dandelions! The creek-splashing kid in me could not pass up the magic of a field of puffy dandelions.

epp_3302 epp_3315

As much fun as we were having, the heat drove us back to home base.


I think I choose looking at each other. Though there’s no shot where these two don’t look adorable, it is apparent that this is where they belong–in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes. They’re home. And that’s how we wrapped up this beautiful session.

epp_3333 epp_3344

Kristen and Thomas, what you two have is magic. Thank you for allowing me to capture that and for not being creeped out by my gushing about your cuteness. I get butterflies just thinking about your wedding at the Farm at Rabon Creek. I can’t wait to see you again and to be a part of your special day on September 26th!

P.s. I’m thinking of suggesting a wedding hashtag in every engagement blog post. This one is a little tricky. #ToLoveAndThomas. #ThomasAndToCherish. Those are good for Kristen since she’s marrying Thomas (as long as you pronounce his name “too-mahs” for the sake of parallelism), but Thomas needs to have one for Kristen too. #AKristenedMarriage. Like christened! #clever #ish. I’llĀ get better with practice!

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