Falls Park Surprise Proposal|Greenville, SC|Brecken+Sarah

The moment after I met Addison for the first time, right after I said hello and booped her on the nose, my phone rang and it was Brecken. He was planning a proposal on February 18th and he needed me there. I scribbled down his info and got back to my new niece, but we spent the next month planning the perfect Saturday morning for Sarah. He picked this lovely secluded area in the back of Falls Park, and when the day came I “hid” on a set of stairs {they could totally see me and Sarah just thought I was a weirdo} and I waited to see them in the distance. As they came around, Brecken realized that he couldn’t see Sarah’s family, who had driven a long way to be there and were supposed to be watching from a bridge. He sat on a swing and invited Sarah to join him in an attempt to stall, but she declined in favor of looking at the ducks.

Sarah and I have that love for ducks in common. At this point Brecken is making nervous eye contact with me and Sarah thinks he is acting really strange. He takes off his coat and hides the ring box behind his back. This is the exciting part!

Sarah was so surprised and they had the sweetest moment together. We all spent a minute¬†looking around for Sarah’s family {as if I would’ve known them if I saw them} then Brecken gave them a call, found them, and everyone had a dramatic movie moment of running towards each other. We got a few family photos–and a few proud dad phone photos–before they set off for their fun celebratory day together.

Congratulations, Sarah and Brecken!! I’m so happy for you two and so very honored to have been there for such a special moment in your relationship. Thank you for inviting me and showing me your gorgeous ring and smiles! I can’t wait for your engagement session, and I hope you’re enjoying being ENGAGED!