Greer City Park Maternity Session|Greer, SC|Latrice+Nickos

The first day I met Latrice was in my apartment. My Internet went out 30 minutes before her appointment but she forgave me because I made macarons. She asked for the recipe, so here’s the link. I get nervous every time I make macarons because I completely fail about 30% of the time, and almond flour is $13 for a pound of it, but it’s worth the risk–especially when cookie butter is involved. While we ate the cookies, she told me about her Larkin’s Sawmill wedding plans as well as her pregnancy, and a few weeks later she booked me for her wedding to her love, Nickos! We planned to make their first session with me their engagement session this spring, but Latrice decided she wanted a maternity session, and I’m so glad she did!

Latrice and Nickos are expecting their daughter Zara in early March, so the first day of February was perfect for their session. We met in Greer City Park and walked around downtown Greer, too!

EPP_9761  EPP_9773

Latrice had told me that she liked the old buildings, and we were both so pleased to find this one with the red door. She is such an amazing model, and Nickos encouraged her constantly. It’s so clear how much he loves her and wants her to know how beautiful she is. Plus, they could make each other laugh with just a look, and it was absolutely precious.

EPP_9786 EPP_9804 EPP_9816 EPP_9823 EPP_9824

And isn’t she beautiful with that cute little bump! The light turned so magical as the sun came out after a cloudy day.

EPP_9855 EPP_9856 EPP_9860 EPP_9871 EPP_9875

When we walked into downtown Greer, Latrice specifically said that she wanted to stand in the middle of the street, which I LOVED! It’s such a charming little downtown, and these two are just adorable together waiting for little Zara.

EPP_9890 EPP_9898 EPP_9905 EPP_9911

Here she is! We can’t wait to meet you, baby girl!


Latrice and Nickos, I am loving working with you two already! You are so sweet and your outfits were perfect and Greer was an excellent choice of location! It will be a great place for Zara to grow up and I know you’ll have lots of fun memories with her right there in the park.

I can’t wait for your engagement session and September wedding, but let me know if you need anything the meantime! I know you’re going to do great during labor+birth and you’ll definitely earn any cookies that you might want at that time!