Old Medical College Wedding|Augusta, GA|Cameron+Sara

Cameron met Sara in BCM at Mercer. She told him it was never going to happen, and he thought that was that. They ended up having a class together, and as they bonded over group projects, Sara started to *kind of like him* and took back what she had said before. That was not that, after all. They went to Chili’s and watched Dr. Who for their first date {fun fact: Chili’s was the 2nd date for Tucker and me, but we watched that movie where Adam Sandler dresses as a woman}. In November of 2015 Cameron proposed with a romantic heart shaped arrangement of candles and glass stones with the number 775 inside to represent their days together. What a story! These two still kind of like each other, and they tied the knot on December 17th at the beautiful Old Medical College of Georgia in downtown Augusta.

Sara’s lovely dress is from Elegant Bridals, and the bridesmaid dresses are from David’s Bridal. Her hair and makeup are by Janna Cook and Becca Fazekas, respectively. {Remember to use a computer to view this blog for the best experience, and don’t miss the bridal session here!}


We started off the morning with the sweetest first look and some portraits. They were both so excited to see each other and spend time together before the ceremony. I don’t know Cameron as well as I know Sara, but seeing them together makes me so happy! The day after I first Skyped with them about their wedding, they performed in an a capella competition together! How cute is that?! Sara wore a pearl necklace that Cameron gave her for Valentine’s Day, as well as a matching bracelet and earrings from her dad and future stepmom.

AND THE BRIDESMAIDS. Blue eyes, blue dresses, and some of the best memories from our first 18 years. Natalie and Katie are good friends of Sara’s from Mercer, Stephanie is her sister, and Shelby is the best friend we grew up with in church. After all the pictures we’ve taken over the years, those two really got to me! This was such a happy day!

And then there’s Jose, Sara’s neighbor and best friend whom Cameron made his groomsman! I was delighted when I found out he would be in the wedding party. He’s grown up so much from the time Sara, Shelby, and I dressed up as the Jonas Brothers {though we were mistaken for the three blind mice} and met him for trick or treating in their neighborhood. All friendships should last this long!

Every detail of this wedding was perfect! Sara and Cameron sent out beautiful, sparkly invitations with Tiffany blue accents and Mad Libs RSVP cards. They posted all of the cards up at the wedding and it was so fun seeing all of the inside jokes and references to Sara’s fear of balloons. Sara designed coasters as favors, and guests signed sets of Jenga blocks with sweet notes and marriage advice.


The extremely talented Evan Read played the ceremony music, including songs from Tangled during the processional! Chris Fuller, the leader of BCM where Sara and Cameron met, officiated the ceremony, and it was beautiful. Sara and Cameron took communion together and were super excited to be pronounced husband and wife.

We headed back outside on this mild winter day for more photos with family, pretty flowers from Martina’s, and brand new wedding bands.

Sara and Cameron danced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. to “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz surrounded by their best friends, and after the father-daghter and mother-son dances, Sara changed into some glittery TOMS for the reception.

Fatz provided delicious chicken and mashed potatoes, and A Piece of Cake made a lovely 3-flavor cake {yellow, chocolate, and raspberry filled} with, of course, sparkles in the icing! Even their cake cutting was adorable–as they held the cake server together, Sara said, “teamwork makes the dream work.” I’m so happy that she’s found her teammate for life! So many loved ones were guests at the wedding, and as great as it was for me to see so many old friends, I know it must have been the best day ever for these two!

Before the dancing, Cameron and Sara had a fake bubble exit {the exit was fake, not the bubbles}, and it was just like a fairy tale! One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to walk through these fun exit lines and feel just a fraction of the happiness and excitement that the newlyweds feel! Sara’s huge smile tells it all.

Back inside, there was dancing and group pictures, including one of me with these good friends as well as some with our old friend and Sunday school teacher Jessica, who did a great job coordinating the whole day. Our other old Sunday school teacher, Michelle, made the comment to me that this day was a big reunion for us, and it’s so true!


The getaway car was lovingly decorated {and promptly undecorated as soon as Sara and Cameron saw it because a nearby police officer was on the verge of accusing us of vandalism} and Mr. and Mrs. Underwood headed off into the sunset to their honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean.

Sara and Cameron, I am so very happy for you two! You’re a gorgeous couple, and you make a great team! Your wedding was beautiful and I’m so thankful you let me photograph it. I love you and hope your 2017 is perfect so far. If you ever want to come to Greenville, you have a place to stay!

Also some of my best hashtag work yet: #UnderWouldYouMarryMe