Riverwalk Dating Session|Augusta, GA|Jordan+Jack

Jordan is one of my most favorite and most photographed friends. She is a natural model and we grew up right across the street from each other so she has always been my photo-adventure pal. She and her sister always had lots of celebrity crushes growing up and they have a great dad so she definitely has high standards for guys. Earlier this year she started dating Jack, with whom she had been good friends for a few years. She just adores this guy and he feels the same about her and in my opinion he is *almost* good enough for her {wink wink}. I was so excited when Jordan asked me to take photos of the two of them on Christmas Eve! Dating sessions are cool because even if things don’t work out {not that I think they won’t} this relationship is part of your journey and you’ll be able to look back on it and remember it and learn from any relevant mistakes and celebrate personal growth. And then if it does work out you have awesome pictures from the beginning of your relationship!

We went to the Riverwalk, which is one of my favorite places in my hometown of Augusta and where my Papa took me to feed the ducks when I was little and where I had my first kiss and where I took many {ill-advised} peaceful walks by myself after school senior year. We spent most of the session catching up, but we also ventured off the beaten path in the typical style of Jordan and me, and Jordan brought some festive Christmas lights!

EPP_9590 EPP_9600EPP_9610 EPP_9611-2 EPP_9636 EPP_9637-2 EPP_9640

And then we saw the clouds and heard the rain coming down the river.

EPP_9642-2 EPP_9647

We were cut short but I went home and ate sugar cookie dough and watched Christmas movies, so it made for a pretty good Christmas Eve!

Jordan, thanks for being so amazing and for introducing us to your Jack! Tucker and I had fun with you two! Hope you’ll be able to move to SC soon and we can have double dates! Also I love the peppermint scrub you made me! Happy New Year, neighbor!