Holly Tree Country Club Wedding|Simpsonville, SC|Matt+Emily

This was such a highly anticipated wedding! Almost 9 years together and over a year engaged, Matt and Emily are the best of friends and I’m so happy to see them married! I talk all about their relationship and how I met them here in their engagement session post, but I’m loving the story of their wedding day too! I don’t do a whole lot of church weddings, but Matt and Emily had the best reason of all for getting married at their church–they basically grew up together there! Clear Springs Baptists Church is where their relationship developed and where they made so many great memories and friends. It was so special to see them take this huge step in the place where they’ve been spending time with each other and with the Lord for years.

Though the main event took place at the church, we ran around town a good bit on August 13th! I started off at Holly Tree Country Club to honor Tina and other friends who helped decorate the reception with yellow ribbons, vases, candles, and flowers.


Next, I met Emily and her mom and we headed to the Dillard’s Clinique counter where Victoria Horne, who went to NGU with us, did an awesome job with Emily’s makeup! She also gave Emily a sweet congratulatory card. Hair was done at Hair Studio in Simpsonville by Christy Jones, and Kaci Vaughn braided that beautiful braid.

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Emily’s bridesmaids wore these pretty blue dresses from David’s Bridal, and she wore her gown from Dimitra Designs. {If you haven’t seen her bridal session yet, open link in new tab}.

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Lilies on Main provided the flowers, and the groomsmen all wore cool socks. These guys are Matt’s friends from college and–surprise!–church! They watched Matt and Emily’s relationship grow and probably shared wisdom with Matt that made him an even better boyfriend, fiancé, and now husband to Emily.

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Emily wore her grandmother’s earrings and her sister’s necklace and pinned her late grandparents’ pin and tie tack to her bouquet. She was very close to her grandparents, and it was wonderful that she was able to hold them close on her wedding day.

epp_1333 epp_1340 epp_1350

As time for the ceremony approached, Matt called Emily to give her a pep talk! He told her she had nothing to worry about, and she didn’t stop smiling throughout the whole phone call. {So glad Tucker second shot for me so we could see both sides of the conversation!}

epp_1427 dsc_1859

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Emily’s parents and bridesmaids prayed over her. They asked God to bless her marriage and then after the amen, followed up with memories about wondering when Matt was going to propose and encouragement from her college roommate Chriss: “if we can make it through bed bugs we can make it through this.”

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Matt {and mostly everyone else in the room} had tears in his eyes as Emily’s dad Sherman walked her down the aisle of the church, but they were all smiles during the sweet ceremony, and I loved seeing the moments of celebration when it was over!

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Before heading to Holly Tree, the newlyweds asked to take a picture by this tree, the tree that they’ve stood in front of for pictures throughout their whole relationship! How cool!


Tina and friends did a beautiful job decorating, and Matt and Emily provided the guests with monogrammed sunglasses as favors. They had their first dance to the song “From the Ground Up” by Dan+Shay.

epp_1843 epp_1891 epp_1895

After the dances we went out to the golf course for portraits, knowing that these incredible mashed potatoes would be there when we returned. Still dreaming of all that butter and cheese! Also on the menu were chicken fingers with several dipping sauces, crab dip and crackers, salad, bread and butter, and fruit! {Thanks, wonderful people of Holly Tree, for the awesome food and for dropping everything to get us a golf cart when we needed it!}


Aren’t they the cutest?! The way they look at each other is perfect!! We rode in golf carts and had a close call when a gentleman hit his golf ball badly, so it was an eventful time overall. It was so lovely for them to have some time “alone” together as newlyweds.

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I enjoyed Matt and Emily’s engagement photos so much that I wanted to recreate one of them almost a year later; these two are as sweet as ever! Plus, they have two new rings.

EPP_6134 epp_2034 EPP_6140 epp_2052

Brittany Leigh Cakes made their monogram cake, which was strawberry on the bottom and neopolitan in the middle! Emily’s twin sister Audrey caught the bouquet {woohoo!} but only after Emily did a clever fake-out. The rest of the evening was spent dancing and playing party games led by Jeromey of Complete Weddings and Events. You know it’s a good time when there’s a soul train and TWO chicken dances! Sherman dedicated a song to Matt–“Cleaning this Gun”–and shared memories of hearing it in the car back when he still had to drive the teenage couple around. Audrey successfully showed the guests how to be Michael Jackson, then it was time for the last dance.

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Matt and Emily’s friends and family sent them off with a well-decorated car and a tunnel of sparklers. Audrey had one last chat with her twin before Mr. and Mrs. Poole headed off to Jamaica; she said they could talk all night, but she passed Emily off to her other best friend, and they drove away as husband and wife!

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Matt and Emily, thanks so much for telling me you were engaged and taking my business card in Operations Management! It was such an honor to be a part of your long-awaited big day that you worked so hard to make perfect. Your friendship and relationship are beautiful and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your marriage. Emily, Matt will always be there to tell you you have nothing to worry about, and you’ll be a stronger team than ever before, whether you’re just sitting together at home or out making memories! I hope to work with you two many more times over the years!