Driftwood Beach Family Session|Jekyll Island, SC|My Family

Can I make a blog post about my own family? If it means that it comes up on Google when people search Driftwood Beach and I get to go back and take more photos there, then yes. And I took the photos, mostly via tripod {or using my mom as a human tripod}.

My family tries to take a weeklong beach trip every year, but it’s usually planned at the last minute. This year the only beach with any availability when we needed it was St. Simons Island, which was pretty random to us. We’d never been there before, but it ended up being pretty cool. We enjoyed staying at St. Simons Grand and walking from there to each end of the beach, watching people catch crabs and flounder on the pier and watching birds catch fish in the tide pools. We also saw an eel in the water and a guy talking to birds in the park. And a dead shark! I considered including that picture but it’s *kind of graphic.* The shark was at Jekyll Island, on the Driftwood Beach whither I made my husband, parents, and grandpa drive 45 minutes from our condo to get there by sunrise time.


And then walk half a mile to find the driftwood. It was beautiful! I think I might be a fan of sunrise sessions now.

EPP_0792 EPP_0791  EPP_0818EPP_0812 EPP_0824 EPP_0825

Photo cred for these goes to Tucker, my second shooter in training–his mom made this cool dress for me after I saw one like it online for like $469, so we needed some shots of me awkwardly twirling for her. If only that sunrise glow would follow my hair around all day!

EPP_0855 EPP_0847EPP_0862

Aren’t my parents adorable?! For the close up below I told them to smoosh their faces together and my dad said, “we’re too old for that pose!” but my mom went for it and it made them laugh and be cute. These two, along with my grandpa and aunt, are the most wonderful, funny, generous people you will ever meet, and I’m so thankful for the sacrifices they make for our family.

EPP_0798 EPP_0867

Thanks, family, for getting up early for me! {Who am I kidding, daddy was up anyway} You’re the best!

Need family or couple photos on the beach? Excellent! Contact me and I will be there.