River Falls Plantation Birthday Party|Duncan, SC|Williams Family

Craigslist has been good to Tucker and me over the years. If you know us at all you know we have found many odd-jobs on this treasure trove of assorted entities. We have jogged in exchange for Amazon gift cards, rented bunnies, and bought cheap books. I have taken Halloween photos of friendly Mormons, photographed a movie theatre, learned to upcycle for money, begun mystery shopping, and met a couple of great photographer friends. Last year, an event planner named Melissa of Statice Events posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a photographer for her cousin Laronda’s baby shower. Of course I responded and it was great! Melissa planned a “ready to pop” theme with popcorn everything! I thought that was that, but imagine my surprise when Laronda contacted me this year to photograph the baby’s first birthday! You know you’re new in the business when repeat clients are a shock! I was thrilled and met them in the same wonderful location as the baby shower on Saturday, August 8th. That location is the River Falls Plantation Clubhouse in Duncan, SC. And the THEME is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

epp_3955 epp_3962

Laronda planned this one all on her own! She could easily be a pro!

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I had some time to explore before everyone got there, and to drool over the treat bar! The colors were just so beautifully coordinated and y’all know I love when things match!


And check out this beautiful cake made by Couture Cakes of Greenville!


Plus genius Mickey cupcakes, and a mini cake just for the birthday boy!

epp_4033 epp_4017

And here he is! The Williams have friends family traveling from near and far for these events and I feel so special to be part of their reunions.


Isn’t a kid’s relationship with his grandpa just the best? Here’s granddad and the “twousins,” aka baby Drew and his cousin of the same age!

epp_4029 epp_4044

And how precious are these three in their Mickey hats!? Meet birthday boy Drew and his wonderful parents, JR and Laronda!

epp_4054 epp_4052

Notice the PERFECT birthday outfit…


And the cute Mickey Mouse props to match this cute kid!


Who can wait to eat cake, but lunch comes first! {baby chicken bites and Mickey Mouse bib}

epp_4132 epp_4092 epp_4102epp_4108

Event planner Melissa was so proud of Laronda for a job well done decorating Drew’s party! Not everyone believed that she did it all on her own, but she totally did! Conversations pictured below.

epp_4113 epp_4114

While mingling with friends and family Drew gave us some big smiles! Fist bumps are hilarious when you’re one!

epp_4151 epp_4155 epp_4157

We transitioned into family portrait time and this is one of my faves! Mom and grandparents just could not keep their eyes off this sweet boy!


And Laronda and JR just adore him! Such a beautiful little family.


And you are about to be bombarded with cake smash pics! This was my first time doing one and it was so fun; Drew loved it too and did not hesitate to jump right in!

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It was a messy process but JR was nearby for frosting control and came to the rescue when it started to go up baby’s nose.

epp_4297 epp_4310

Behold the aftermath.

epp_4321  epp_4322

Kisses from mommy made it all better and everyone enjoyed the cake and company!


I really enjoyed being a part of this party. I remember always looking back at pictures of my first birthday in my mom’s scrapbooks and I hope that Drew and family can do the same with this blog! It is his FIRST birthday! Isn’t that crazy?! He has never had a birthday before last week and it sets the stage for so many birthdays to come! Laronda made it so special for him and set the bar HIGH! And I got to see it all happen.

I have been so encouraged by this event not only because Laronda appreciated my work at the baby shower enough to email me again, but also because I have been able to see how much I have improved as a photographer in the last year. Now, if you have stuck with this blog post this far, you get to see the difference…

View More: http://emilyplattphotography.pass.us/jrandlaronda epp_4239

Laronda and JR, thank you so much for your faith in me and thank you for letting me become part of your sweet family! You threw a fabulous party and are raising an adorable baby. Happy birthday to Drew; I hope to see all of you soon!

P.S. I had my mom send me some pictures from my first birthday. It was Suzy’s Zoo themed! Gems from mama’s scrapbook below.

IMG_0632 IMG_0629 IMG_0635 IMG_0636








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