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Brie is a girl from Arkansas who is in Greenville because her husband Jalen is a baseball player! In fact, he is a pitcher for the Greenville Drive. I met Brie through Tucker, who personal-trained her long enough to merit an invite to a baseball game. It was my first baseball game and we really hit it off! Brie and I–not baseball and I. I learned that Brie had a blog, and she learned that I was a photographer. One thing led to another and a few weeks later I was at her apartment taking photos of her for the aforementioned blog, which is called Balance with Brie. Since I had never done blog photos OR fitness photos before, we took a LOT of inspiration from Pinterest and other fitness bloggers. So, I apologize to those bloggers if I look like a big ol’ copycat–and I thank them for teaching me what I will now know for next time I take this sort of photos. Luckily, some of my favorites are EPP originals.

We started out by the pool! I learned that bloggers do tiptoes.


Brie splashed but didn’t swim. I definitely want to experiment with underwater photography someday, but this was not that day.

epp_3746 epp_3748

This next pose made such a cute cinemagraph, but it didn’t move when I tried to insert it into the page, so you’re going to have to go to this link to see it. If anyone here knows how to use the Internet, let me know. Brie helped me set up my blog but she is moving away so I can’t bother her with petty technology questions anymore; it is quite sad.


Brie asked if we could take a photo that would work as an eBook cover! Isn’t that so exciting?! This could be the one!!


Part of the reason Brie wanted these photos was because some cool companies had sent her some cool products and she wanted to model the products then do a giveaway as a thank you to her followers! Unfortunately I had to wait to post this until the giveaway was over, so you can’t win, but you can buy the products if you like what you see!

We started with BodyBudd resistance bands, which seem very fun! Each color band has a different level of resistance, so you can choose how strong you are and remove the others. Or, if you’re fit like Brie, you can just use them all at once.

epp_3842 epp_3844 epp_3847 epp_3850 epp_3853

Some primping and stretching before the next product…

epp_3859 epp_3874

…the BodyBudd running belt! It holds your iPhone and other belongings right around your waist while you run. {iPhone in these photos provided by me–photographers are useful for more reasons than you would expect} This would definitely be a useful product, because my main excuse for not running is that I have to take my phone and ID with me in case I get hurt, but I have nowhere secure to put them.

epp_3889 epp_3897

One thing I know about Brie is that she loves GREEN smoothies. We went to Port City Java downtown one afternoon and she asked the barista to add spinach to her perfectly good strawberry mango smoothie. He thought she was crazy but she loved it! Here’s one of her homemade super-green smoothies in action. I think I remember her using the words, “the greener the better.”

epp_3915 epp_3923

Lastly we tried out what might be the cutest {fitness} product I have ever seen: yoga headbands by True North Collection! How adorable are these?! And Brie said they are very comfy and secure. Makes me want to take up yoga again {I used to wake up early and watch Namaste Yoga on FitTV which totally counts for something}

epp_3937 epp_3939

This session was so different from anything I have ever done before. Most photographers would literally die before letting a client edit the photos to match her blog or showing every image to the client on the back of the camera to make sure the shot was perfect, but I am not most photographers. It was a lesson in flexibility but I really enjoyed it and am hoping that we produced some good marketing material for both of us! Be sure to check out Brie’s blog, too; I should mention that it’s not just about fitness but also includes recipes and devotions as well as an opportunity to work with Brie the bikini body coach one-on-one!

Brie, you are just so pretty! Thanks for letting me be a part of your blog and for being patient with me as this was a learning process. I wish you the best in your blogging endeavors and hope to see you again next season! As the Anthropologie mug you bought says, make it happen!