Lake Keowee Wedding|Seneca, SC|Nikki+Dave

Kimberly Workman of Makin’ Pictures allowed me to be her second shooter on this gorgeous day in April! Lake and beach weddings are my dream, so I was super excited that the wedding was on Lake Keowee! Kim sent me a screenshot of the location on the map, and it’s on a peninsula-on-a-peninsula–I knew it was going to be a good one. The highlight of the day, however, was most definitely working with Kim! She handled the bright sunlight so professionally and made Nikki and Dave’s dreams of lake wedding photos come true.

Nikki and Dave LOVE the lake. The lake is what they do. It’s their thing. Dave proposed to Nikki on his boat, Moor Elite. It was the perfect choice for them to get married at a friend’s house on Lake Keowee.

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Every detail was so fitting, from Nikki’s dress and sandals to decor that was already in the gorgeous home.

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Nikki wore her hair in a cute ponytail with a braid crown on top. Her mom Lola {what a great name} wore a sparkly dress–Nikki’s reaction is so cute. Lola gave Nikki a handkerchief from her late grandmother, and it was such a sweet moment. Dave has two daughters and a son, and it was awesome seeing the girls interact with Nikki throughout the day, and react to the sweet gift.

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Nikki put the handkerchief on her pretty pink bouquet of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas–what a perfect “something old!”

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The decorations are DIY, and they did such a great job! The mantel was lined with pictures of Dave, Nikki, and the kids on the lake, including the proposal photo!

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One of my favorite things about this wedding was that it just felt like a casual family lake day! They celebrated Nikki and Dave’s marriage like I imagine they would celebrate a birthday, or Memorial Day. The wedding is obviously a more special occasion, but the point I’m getting at is that they went to the lake and really had fun together and enjoyed themselves. Even from the sidelines, I felt like I’d fit right in with the family.

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The lake = something blue! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I can see why these two love it so much. They had a quick ceremony and were so happy to be married. I’d say Dave’s fist pump at the end there is what every bride wants to see on her wedding day–a groom who loves her and is crazy excited that she’s his wife.

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The newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Herron made their entrance into the lake house and had their first dance to “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC, one of their favorite bands. I think it was a surprise because check out that reaction!

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It was such a fun dance, complete with air guitars, and the band was GREAT! Neither of us caught their name, so if you recognize them please let me know!

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Sandwiches, dips, salad, and skewer snacks were catered by Reeves Catering. Everything was so pretty and so delicious. My personal favorite were the strawberry bocconcini basil balsamic kabobs, and I ate several of them.

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Their cake was so simple and pretty, with matching pink flowers and of course a little bit of sparkle.


The celebration continued on through the afternoon, and it’s safe to say that Uncle Don was the life of the party. Everyone enjoyed dancing, and the band played the best songs, including a little bit of Britney, another of Nikki and Dave’s favorites.

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I loved seeing Nikki’s relationship with her sister Aimee, especially. They could be silly together like sisters are, and they danced together, but one of my favorite moments was Aimee’s message to Dave’s daughters right after the ceremony: “hello, pet. You may call me Aunt Aimee!” in her best impression of Aunt Vicki in The Parent Trap. Man, that movie is just not quoted often enough. Though Nikki is definitely a much nicer stepmom than Meredith Blake, I appreciated the reference. {Nikki also knows there’s no mountain lions at the lake…click click, click click}

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All of the guests came together on a bus, so when the bus returned for them, it was time for Nikki and Dave to make their exit. They left on their boat as the kids looked on, and it was the coolest! Everyone should have a boat exit!! They celebrated being married by enjoying a peaceful ride around the lake that they love.

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Nikki and Dave, you made the right choice in choosing Kimberly as your wedding photographer! Thanks for allowing me to tag along. It was an honor to see Nikki become Captain Dave’s forever First Mate. Congratulations to you both!

Kim, thanks again for letting me work with you these past couple of months! I hope to do it again after baby!! Everyone, see the lengths Kim will go to for her brides! Approx. 30 weeks pregnant here and going strong. Check out her awesome first dance shot from this wedding at this link.

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Makin’ Pictures and EPP will both be at the Veils and Tails event this June! If you’re engaged and need an engagement party, contact me for a promo code to get two free tickets!