Hagood Mill Family Session|Pickens, SC|The Dickard Family

Back before Christmas my lovely October ’15 bride Shelby asked about giving Matthew’s mom a family session for Christmas. Photo sessions are such a great gift and Ginger is lucky to have kids who would think of it! April 2nd, my parents’ anniversary, was the time that worked for all of them, so four long months later I got to see the Dickards again! It was a busy day for each of the three couples {Bryan and Ginger, Matthew and Shelby, and Megan and CJ} but we found time in the morning to meet at Hagood Mill. There was talk of floating lanterns, and even those balloon bouncy yo-yos, but we ended up opting for a simple family session in nature with their color-coordinated navy and green outfits.

EPP_0271 EPP_0267

Ginger loves the history at the Hagood Mill, especially the petroglyphs, so it was such a fitting location for her Christmas present. We even fit in a quick tour and tried to guess where all the rock paintings were located in the Upstate. The mill itself was under construction, but we enjoyed the surrounding trails and creek.

EPP_0311 EPP_0316

If you remember from Shelby and Matt’s wedding, Ginger has an amazing infectious laugh and always seems to be so full of joy! At times she just couldn’t hold it in and I love that about her! So genuine.

EPP_0323 EPP_0325

At this point I’ve spent enough time photographing these guys to know them pretty well, and I loved just being able to chat with them about the times we’ve seen each other around and about their recent finds at the local auction. It’s like being with old friends, even though I’ve just known them a year or so.


Aren’t Ginger and Bryan especially adorable?! And such a great example of marriage for their newlywed and engaged kiddos: even with the frustrations of a slightly rushed photo session, I didn’t hear a single cross word between these two. Love is the best.

Ginger wanted to make sure we got some shots by the water and they definitely ended up being the prettiest!

EPP_0367 EPP_0389EPP_0376 EPP_0379

Matthew’s sister Megan is marrying CJ on June 11th! Congrats guys! We took the opportunity to get some engagement photos of them, and these are my favorites:

EPP_0383-2 EPP_0384-2

Yep. Perfect. And again, so special that Ginger gets these photos of and with her adult children.


Ginger, Bryan, Shelby, Matthew, Megan, and CJ, thanks a million for allowing me to be a part of your family. You’re good looking, you’re fun, and I enjoy working with y’all so much every time. I can’t wait til the next time I get to see you, whether it’s at the Children’s Museum or from behind the camera.

Everyone else: Mother’s Day is coming up! Contact me to gift a session to your mama; she will love it.