Furman Bell Tower Wedding|Greenville, SC|Josh+Chii-Wey

Chii-Wey and Josh met at work. They don’t work in the same place as each other any more, but that didn’t stop them from dating for three years. In February, they were in Downtown Disney waiting to go to the Daytona 500 the next day. They wanted to pick up a souvenir for a relative in the Disney store, and after that Josh suggested that they take a different way back. He stopped Chii-Wey at a pond and began to talk to her. He pulled out a ring box, but told her that it’s not what she thinks so she shouldn’t get excited. Inside was a plastic ring with the Frozen characters on it. He told her that it was a promise ring until the day he could afford to get her the ring she deserved, and she said okay. I can hear it now: “okay.” He asked if she was mad, and even though she was a little confused, she said no. He said good… today is that day! And gave her an engagement ring. What a prankster. {Luckily for him,} Chii-Wey loved that he put so much thought into the proposal and that it was so like him. They got married just two months later at the Bell Tower at Furman University in front of thirteen of their closest friends and family. The reception afterwards was at The Peddler Steakhouse, and they honeymooned back in Florida: Daytona, Downtown Disney, Sea World.

I spent my freshman year at Furman and LOVED it, and we would always see brides on the way to class, so it was cool to finally have a wedding there. Another in July! The Bell Tower is so grand yet perfect for a small ceremony: preferably less than 15 minutes long to avoid the chiming during the vows. These two did 4:30-4:45, and it was perfect.

EPP_1477 EPP_1398 EPP_1382

Chii-Wey made the bouquet and boutonniere herself!! Didn’t she do an amazing job?! And her dress is from BHDLN. When she was explaining it to me, she asked if I knew Anthropologie. And I said DO I KNOW ANTHROPOLOGIE. I get the BHDLN emails and I am so excited that one of my brides wore one of the dresses! It was gorgeous.

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When a couple has a small wedding without a big reception, you know that the vows are what is important to them. Chii-Wey said that saying her vows in front of close friends and family was what she was most looking forward to, and she couldn’t stop smiling during them. Mike of South Carolina Ceremonies officiated, and it was quite lovely.

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And the kiss was perfect. I just had to include the whole progression here because it’s so cute and they were both so happy and excited to be married.

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Since the wedding guests were standing right around them, they were able to give hugs right away, which was so sweet and felt so natural.


Friends came from out of town, and some of them kept Chii-Wey company while they waited for the ceremony to begin. I love the idea of being with just your very closest circle during such a happy time. And I’m also a big fan of that pale yellow dress on the left.

EPP_1371 EPP_1373

I think it’s so cool that all the wedding guests could be in one photo with no trouble. Unfortunately Chii-Wey’s parents live in Malaysia and couldn’t make it, but I’m sure they were there in spirit, and I hope they get to see this blog post!


She just looked so beautiful! The dress, the flowers, the hair and makeup by Melissa at Cotton Rouge, and the inner beauty and joy that shone through.

EPP_1546 EPP_1552EPP_1551

Josh looked pretty spiffy as well, and super happy to be marrying his love.

EPP_1554 EPP_1559

So cute together, and the lake on all sides gets me every time. And what a set of rings! No Frozen characters here.

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Chii-Wey also embellished/bedazzled/blinged the sash herself! You’d never know it didn’t come that way, yet it’s so much better than the way it came.

EPP_1574 EPP_1576

While I photographed the little details, Josh made the trek to his car and picked us up to drive around the lake. I’ll never get over how beautiful this campus is, and the brand new Watkinses looked stunning too.

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I’m really enjoying this new kind of Furman memory.

Josh and Chii-Wey, I’m so happy for you two! Your small wedding was the sweetest, and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Your relationship is beautiful, and you seem to go together so well. I wish you the best in your marriage and hope to work with you again!

And thank you Kaci for the referral!