Clemson University Senior Session|Clemson, SC|Mary Stewart and Meg

Shannon Leatherwood works at the Dream Center with Shelby Dickard and Chris Wilson, and they’ve been telling her to get a family session done. The perfect opportunity came along when Shannon and Bob had not one but TWO pretty daughters lined up to graduate this May, so we did a senior/family session combo. Mary Stewart is graduating from Clemson May 7th and heading off to MUSC’s College of Pharmacy, and Meg is graduating from Wren High School May 25th and heading to Clemson to study Political Science, so we found the common denominator there and had the session at beautiful Clemson University.

We bounced back quickly after a few minor snafus at the beginning, including the protestors at Sikes Hall and Bob’s having to help me figure out how to use the parking meter, and we began at Tillman Hall. Aren’t these girls just gorgeous?!


Mary Stewart is a self-proclaimed Clemson nerd, which was awesome because I got to learn all about Clemson as I got to know her! Stay tuned for fun facts. She really loves this place, and I’m so glad she had such a wonderful college experience.

EPP_0443 EPP_0446

Meg played softball and basketball in high school {she was #4 for both}, and I think I heard that she’s valedictorian, so it’s safe to say that she is really cool as well. We ran in to Mary Stewart’s good friend Anna Grace {I love these double names} and she joined our little group and also told a story to make Meg laugh. Has anyone seen pictures of me laughing when I was a senior in high school {or ever}? Better look at these of Meg instead.

EPP_0508 EPP_0509 EPP_0585 EPP_0588

Little bro Will is also really adorable, so he could not be left out of the head shots.

EPP_0593 EPP_0602

Inspired by a photo of the Wilsons, Mary Stewart called this one the “love sandwich,” which is a name that I think is definitely going to stick. Have you ever seen a better looking family?!


This is where the real tour begins. 1. Hardin Hall is the oldest building on campus. It was originally a chemistry building, which is a big part of why it resonates with Mary Stewart, and it has some good stories that go along with it. 2. This porch is where Mary Stewart and her friends sit and talk at midnight. Memories like that are the best and I’m glad we could get a photo there. We were also going to get one at Starbucks, where she has a lot of memories studying, but we ran out of time.

EPP_0614 EPP_0645

This is Fort Hill, which is not only a pretty house, but also the place where Anna Maria Calhoun and Thomas Clemson got married.

EPP_0655 EPP_0659

I can’t emphasize enough how much fun this family is!! I usually don’t tell people to do “funny pictures” because it always makes me feel awkward when I have to do them myself, and I don’t want my clients to feel that way, but the one below was completely spontaneous and I love it! So genuine and hilarious.

EPP_0670 EPP_0680

Next, Bob drove us all to the stadium {he was so kind and patient to be our chauffeur} where Mary Stewart reminisced about the many nights walking, sometimes running, up the hill after games. It’s so cool that Meg is going to have such similar memories, and that they can share them together. I asked Mary Stewart if she and Meg were close, and she said, “she’s my best friend,” so I imagine sharing a college, even if not at the same time, will only bring them closer.

EPP_0704 EPP_0720

Another best friend of Mary Stewart’s: Anna Grace. I love that she joined us throughout the whole session, helping out and being encouraging, even though she had other things to do. Isn’t that kind of friendship what college is all about? And education and stuff.

EPP_0757 EPP_0750

These girls are so blessed to have such an awesome university and an even more awesome family.

EPP_0744 EPP_0752 EPP_0770 EPP_0779

We wrapped things up at the tiger statue, and started to head back to my car, which I never would have been able to find on my own. Even though Clemson is kind of Mary Stewart’s thing, she was super intentional about making Meg’s pictures a priority. She saw this building and said that it was SO Meg, so we stopped and got just a few more, making sure to include the all-important acceptance letter. Meg is, indeed, Tigertown bound, and both of these ladies are bound for success, with a loving family supporting them all the way.

EPP_0785 EPP_0811 EPP_0795

Mary Stewart and Meg, you are both so beautiful and fun and sweet, and I am so happy for your accomplishments. Graduation is a big deal, and I hope you celebrate accordingly! I wish you both the best in your after-graduation experiences!

Leatherwoods, I had so much fun working with all of you! I enjoyed learning about the Clemson that you love, and I can’t wait to see you again. Thank you 🙂

+ Happy Mother’s Day to Shannon! You and Bob have raise really lovely children, and I hope they spoil you on Sunday!