Vision & Process

Booking your wedding with me makes me a part of your family. I believe that only people who truly care for you should be present on your wedding day! My entire process allows for us to really get to know each other so that you can feel comfortable and be yourselves around me, and so that we can have fun!

Before you sign your contract, I’ll have you over for dinner with my husband and me. I’ll cook you a quality meal and dessert that is meant to make you feel special. We’ll eat and laugh together, and we’ll talk about your wedding and decide which package is for you.

Next, we’ll decide together what location will be best for your engagement session. If you’re unsure or want a mind-blowing location that no one’s had before, I’ll throw my whole heart into it and spend every day scouting for the perfect place until I find it. So often friendships grow on shared experiences, where there are new discoveries and memories and stories. Though we’re already friends after sharing a meal together, the engagement session will be the real basis for our relationship, and that’s why it’s so important to me.

By having your session in a location that fosters adventure, your photos will become avenues for remembering the details of a fun date more than reminders of “that time when you did a bunch of posing.” Imagine going on a walk in your favorite spot or exploring a new place and taking selfies together, perhaps when you see a gorgeous fruit tree or a flock of ducks. Now how much better is it to have someone there to capture your selfie moments for you? Real, beautiful moments without the double-chin look. Plus, when you have a photographer with you, you can dress up {maybe even rent the runway} without people wondering why you’re wearing a sparkly gold gown in the middle of the afternoon.

Your engagement, bridal, and wedding photos will be a mix of shots you can hang on your wall and candid shots that help form a more complete image of your memory. Even when the moments have ended, photos give you a chance to literally be touched again by the light that touched you in those moment. You’ll be able to feel that joy over and over, forever. I’ll also post a blog for every time we’re together with my camera, so that everything together will tell your story for you to look back on whenever you like.

Here’s a quote from the book Sacred Marriage that embodies my opinion on the importance of your story:

“Tell your story. Tell it to your kids, your friends, your brothers and sisters, but especially to each other. The more your story is implanted in your brain, the more it serves against the myriad forces that seek to destroy your marriage. Make your story so familiar that it becomes part of the fabric of your being. It should become a legend that is shared through the generations as you grow a family tree that defies all odds and boasts marriage after marriage of stability, strength, and longevity.”

{To help out, your galleries will be available online for ten years. Also, I highly recommend ordering an album as a tangible expression of your story!}

Doing what I can to strengthen your relationship and capture its unique beauty is a huge part of why I am a photographer. I also want to be a home for you, a constant as your life changes and progresses, and I want to be a part of your story if you’ll have me. When I become your “family photographer,” I will also become a part of your family.

That means I’ll always be available to you, whether you need wedding planning help, someone to water your plants while you’re on your honeymoon, or photos to celebrate making it through the first year. I’ll spoil you, and I’ll take on your stress, and all you have to do is enjoy your pictures!

Contact me to get started!