One of my top three moments from my wedding day is when my friend read Harry Potter to my other bridesmaids (and bridesman) and me in the quiet, nervous moments just before the ceremony. During your wedding or photo session, I want more than anything to capture that private pow-wow, that accidental smile-in-a-serious-situation, and that drop-dead-gorgeous portrait where the way your hair falls in your eyes just screams your name. I want you to have every one of the pretty, dreamy, classic photos that I take of you  because I believe that they are all special to you and you should not have to choose between them. And I want to become your friend, if you’ll have me, because whenever I make new friends I get to take more pictures of them, and cook them a fancy dinner. You’ll even get to meet my great husband and second shooter Tucker, who is pictured below with me at our most favorite place in the world. That being said, though I love good ol’ Greenville, SC, my dream is to travel, so if your wedding or photo session can make that dream come true, then all the more reason to contact me. Enjoy my website, then head on over to my Vision page to learn more about what it’s like to work with me. If your adventurous spirit matches mine, drop me a line on the Contact page!

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